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Wishing Well

A two-hour prayer service attended by more then 300 OC students turned into a chance for them to learn about a new organization called Wishing Well.

The event included creativity walls and information about the sponsoring organization and its cause: helping provide clean water in Africa.

"I don't think people expected what they walked into," said Blythe Simmons, a member of Wishing Well. "It was a little overwhelming at first."

The creativity walls, one of which had a picture of Africa on it, were used to help students express what was in their hearts for people in Africa who are in need of new wells for clean water, Simmons said.

"From the beginning, we really wanted to combine it with art, because it's such a good way for people to express how they feel," she said.

The Wishing Well program was brought to OC by Ryan Groves, whose brother started the project last year at Pepperdine University.

Groves said his brother's connection was only part of the reason he decided to support the program as well.

'It was also what's been going on in my own heart. This was something that was really big with me, just helping people," Groves said. "We're hoping that our almighty God is more powerful than the almighty dollar. We didn't even ask for money, but we ended up getting a couple of hundred dollars anyway."

Students who attended the prayer drive said they were surprised at all of the activities at the event.

"It was amazing how much effort they put into it,' said Shannon Elsass. "I have to give them credit. They worked really hard."

Groves said the organization hopes to continue spreading the word into the community through future events like a book drive and benefit concert.