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Thousands of students, faculty, staff and alumni call Oklahoma Christian University “home” … and that feeling has resonated on Twitter recently. recognized the #OCisHome hashtag as one of the top 15 university hashtags on Twitter, ranking Oklahoma Christian 11th, right between the University of Texas and Harvard University.

In praising #OCisHome, said that it “provides a comparatively more intimate and supportive discussion experience than the more bloated counterparts” and “deserves special attention for being pretty much exactly what a college- or university-affiliated chat should look like.”

Oklahoma Christian has more than 6,000 followers on Twitter and almost 20,000 likes for its official Facebook page.

@okchristian Makes me smile whenever I see a car on campus with a faculty parking sticker next to a fading student one. #OCisHome

Tough loss for both teams today but I sure am proud to be an Eagle. Couldn’t ask for a better four years in such a great program! #OCisHome

First chapel after break is basically like a happy family reunion. #chapeltweet #OCisHome

It’s not everyday that I get to see an NFL quarterback. Glad to see@bweeden3 on campus. #ChapelTweet #OCisHome

My heart is so full tonight, so thankful for all the support and encouragement i’ve received during this tough time #OCisHome for sure

“Bobby, this is Stafford North and I need to talk to you about your son, who is in my class.” Me: “Uh-oh.” (He was joking, btw.) #OCisHome

“Tate’s buzzer-beater gives OC 1st Heartland win, over UAFS. #OCEagles” Proud to be an Eagle! #EagleNation #OCisHome

Today, in my Corporate America world, I sent a stressed co-worker a Bible verse I learned in my freshman year bible class. :) #OCisHome

Enjoyed ~20 min of sun in “Tony’s Alley” @okchristian. Gr8 place to practice spiritual discipline of solitude
@markthompson79 #OCisHome

“Only love can overcome hatred” Thank you to the international students for letting us know a bit of your past. #OCisHome

Worshiping the LORD with a room full of students is the only thing that makes Mondays okay #View63 #OCisHome

My business professor just prayed over me....I swore I would never use this hashtag....but its true #OCisHome

@okchristian #OCisHome because my strongest Christian support (besides family) is here in the form of students and faculty. #ForeverChanged

#OCisHome b/c the community surrounds you no matter what life brings. It’s not just a four year thing, it’s a lifetime family. @okchristian