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From the President

Dear Alumni and Friends,

One of the biggest blessings of my job is the opportunity to greet people who come to OC. I had the chance to see many of you when you came back for Homecoming, Lighting of the Commons, and other recent visits.

We’ve had big turnouts from future students and parents for our campus visit days. I can’t wait to see them return and call OC home.

We have a record number of students here at OC this year, and they inspire me with their passion for people, their worship, and their work in the classroom and community.

Two recent guests that have made a big impact on campus are Brandon Weeden of the NFL’s Cleveland Browns and Jase Robertson from A&E’s Duck Dynasty.

It was great having Brandon here because of his sports success, but he really connected with our students because of his friendship with six-year-old Gavin Kuykendall. He’s helped Gavin get life-changing heart surgeries. And Gavin won our hearts with his idea to say “Go Eagles!” when he took the stage at Chapel.

The huge success of Duck Dynasty makes Jase one of the biggest celebrities ever to visit Oklahoma Christian. But for all of Jase’s success in the eyes of the world, you would be hard pressed to meet a more grounded, personable, and friendly man.

He not only was willing to do an interview in the OC pond on an extremely cold morning; he was enthusiastic about it. How great is that?

Jase helped expose Oklahoma Christian to a whole new audience. The interview has about 1.5 million total views online. It shows OC in a great light, and it highlights the Christian values we’re committed to.

Jase was down to earth at “Duck Chapel.” He sang along with “There Is A God,” had an easy smile, and humbly delivered an insightful message to the standing-room-only crowd of almost 3,000 people in the Eagles’ Nest. He said important and hard things that our students really listened to and appreciated because he has credibility with them.

And it’s well-earned credibility. He talked about a clause he put in his Duck Dynasty contract so the producers couldn’t “bleep” his lines on the show. They’d done that in the first season – even though he didn’t cuss – just to make the show more edgy. If you were at Chapel or watched the interview, you heard him talk about his commitment to God and family in the midst of celebrity and success.

The Robertsons are in a unique position to entertain, but their focus is sharing their faith. Jase is ideal for the role God put him in … and we’re thankful to him, his wife Missy, and their family for making March 11 a memorable day here at Oklahoma Christian.

Jase said he felt right at home on campus, and we’re glad OC is your home, too. Come back soon!

In His Service,

John deSteiguer