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The bubble of OC romance

by Guest Writer

Written by: Amelia Gower

Maybe this is just me, but the world of romance at Oklahoma Christian University is a world in and of itself. A world where you go out on one date and the rest of the school starts planning your wedding. A world in which you go to dinner with a close friend of the opposite sex and people think you’re together. It’s to a point where even being seen sitting together in chapel on more than one occasion and walking to class together leads to whispers.

Whatever happened to casual dating? I feel as if all dating at Oklahoma Christian has one goal in mind: Holy Matrimony. Dating is for testing the waters; for trying to figure out what type of person you want to marry. So why is casual dating such a no-no at this school?

Please don’t think I’m bashing Oklahoma Christian about the mass amounts of people that graduate with an MRS Degree—I think most people would agree that Oklahoma Christian has the potential to be a great place to meet your future husband or wife. The problem is that I’m fairly certain some people feel as if it’s the end of the world if they aren’t seriously dating by junior year. I promise if this is you there’s nothing wrong with you.

Fortunately for those of us not on the marriage train, the attitude toward marriage among students has evolved over the years. The impression I’ve gotten from my parents who attended Oklahoma Christian in the 80s is that most people found the love of their life during their years at this school. I’m quite certain that since I haven’t found that special someone, my mother is terrified I will never get married. She’s told me many times on occasion that good Christian men will be hard to come by out of college, but there’s a good chunk of faithful Christians that do not attend Christian universities.

Now on to the main issue of dating at this school: the male population. No offense guys, but you’re all pansies. I know we aren’t perfect either but since the beginning of time it has been the male’s job to make the first move. Even with us girls dropping hints you still don’t get it. I don’t understand what is so hard about asking a girl on a date. Yes, I understand there’s always a chance of rejection but this is a Christian school for heaven’s sake, so all we can say is no. I have many guy friends who complain about being “forever alone,” but when was the last time you asked someone out, if ever?

I guarantee you that just by asking and being a gentleman you would be surprised how many girls would say yes. Sometimes it even takes a little persistence but please don’t mistake a girl playing hard-to-get for being uninterested. Trust me, there’s a big difference and it’s always better to ask than to assume. Assuming will just get you in all sorts of uncomfortable situations that could easily have been avoided.  I’m telling you this in hopes that you can change it up a little, so please don’t hate me. I know I’m not the only one that’s wanting to fill you in. 

Amelia Gower is a junior at Oklahoma Christian University



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