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Talon, Marketing and IT create new website

by Joel Dean

Soon to move to a new location online, the Talon is branching out.

Next semester the Talon will launch an independent website featuring more interactive features, Twitter and Facebook connections and staff profiles.

Senior Kyle Baldinger, the Talon’s online editor has been working closely with Director of Web Services Stephen Bell and IT Systems Administrator William McBroom in order to create a long-lasting useful professional-grade website.

“The reason we’re redoing the website is it hasn’t been updated in a while,” Baldinger said. “Technology advances so quickly that you have to keep up with it so we’re implementing some new things that are actually quite common like Twitter feeds and writer profiles. You will now be able to search by, say, one of your friends who happens to be a writer [and] you can just read everything they’ve ever written.”

This new website has been created under a collaborative effort between IT, the Marketing Department and the Talon. The goal is to create a new page that people bookmark; eventually there are plans to include Eagle Angle works and links to anything an Oklahoma Christian University student would need.

“Because we are one of the last people to be using a server they are wanting to shut down, we are trying to get it done as quickly as possible,” Baldinger said. “So to save time, instead of writing a bunch of code we are using a template.”

The website is set to launch after a week of testing next semester, in time for the first online edition in January.
Although the website will be online, it will take no small amount of time to re-archive all the files that are on the website now.

“We don’t have all of our archives in a giant folder or a compressed file that we can open and say publish as independent articles,” Baldinger said. “So we have to upload those individually. We should have it archived by the end of the [fall] semester.”

Oklahoma Christian helped at every turn despite the vast amount of work different departments are under and especially coming up on the end of the semester.

“It’s been really good working with the marketing department, they do so much work with the branding of Lighting of the Commons, Cocoa and Carols, just every piece of the university,” Baldinger said. “And then I know a little bit about editing but I’ve never done a full-on website before. It has been a really good learning experience for me.”

Photo by: Nick Conley

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