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One of Oklahoma Christian’s own wins 5K

by Trey Curtis

Oklahoma Christian University has taken part in two races over the past few weeks, one of which a faculty member took first prize.

The Turkey Trot is an event that benefits Turning Point Ministries, which provides housing for those who can’t afford it.

There were 2000 participants and 18 sponsors.

Over 40 people from Oklahoma Christian attended the event.

“I found out about the event when the instructor asked to promote the program throughout Oklahoma Christian,” Fitness and Wellness Director Darci Thompson said. “He offered us a discount for students and faculty, and we wanted to help out.”

Thompson’s position at the fitness and wellness center is one that encourages students to live a healthy lifestyle.

“The position is a new one,” Thompson said. “I’m in charge of coming up with new fitness classes and activities for the campus. We’ve already started offering Zumba and yoga classes, and we’re also working with the team that runs in the Memorial Marathon.”

Those who went to the race reportedly had an enjoyable time, even with a baby on board.
“I had a really good time,” Thompson said. “This was the first time I’ve ever done the Trot. I pushed the baby in the stroller on the walk, and got some exercise.”

For those who may not be into the idea of walking for three miles, Thompson said to give it a try.

“I would recommend people go if they haven’t done this sort of thing,”  Thompson said. “Even if you don’t want to run, it’s good to go because you can cheer people on or help out.”

The main reason Oklahoma Christian was involved in the Trot was to get more attention to another race on campus.

“We mainly competed in the Turkey Trot to get attention for the Holiday Hustle,” former cross-country coach Mark Thompson said. “We wanted to put our flyers in their package to advertise to those in Edmond who are already running.”

Mark Thompson, who came in first place at the Turkey Trot, said he believed that the Trot as a promotion method for the Holiday Hustle was a success.

The people who signed up for the Holiday Hustle said that they found out about the Hustle from the Trot.

“This is the first year that we’ve promoted the Trot around campus,” Mark Thompson said. “Darci has been looking into ways that OC can get involved in the community, and also for the community to learn about what’s going on here.”

In Oklahoma, one of the biggest threats to a race, or anything outdoors for that matter, is the weather.

“The weather was unseasonably warm and windy,” Mark Thompson said. “It wasn’t bad, but on the way back we got hit by the wind, so that wasn’t fun. But ultimately it’s nice to be out in November without freezing.”

Mark Thompson hopes that the Trot will bring more people to campus, and that the campus will hear more about other events happening around the Oklahoma City area.

“I hope we’ll continue to join in the community,” Mark Thompson said. “Especially with the Eagle Trail getting finished. I think it’ll at least draw in the running community onto campus, and we can stay connected that way.”

The Holiday Hustle is a 5K run that Oklahoma Christian hosts every year. Some professors offered extra credit to students who participated.

The Hustle benefits TeamOC and the fitness and wellness program.

“I did the Holiday Hustle as extra credit for my cell biology class,” sophomore Yuvette Kramp said. “I didn’t run, and I only took about 54 minutes, which I was surprised about. Plus I got an awesome shirt.”

The race began at 9 a.m. on Sunday morning.

Those who hadn’t signed up already were able to do so on the spot.

“You have to get up early, so I was pretty tired for the first part,” Kramp said. “But I walked with my friends the whole way, so it went by pretty fast. I’m really looking forward to going next year.”

Kramp said that the biggest thing she learned was that a 5K isn’t as hard to run as she thought.

“You’ve got to try it at least once,” Kramp said. “The whole time I was thinking that I was just there for the extra credit, but by the time it was over I was already thinking
about entering next year. And if nothing else, do it for the free shirt.”

Photo by: Henoc Kivuye

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