0 Friday, December 07, 2012

A senior’s farewell

by Thessali Teague

Opinions Editor

After four and a half years here at Oklahoma Christian, I’ve learned all of the obvious things that I came to college to learn—good study habits, knowledge of my subject area and how to transition into the professional world. I have been inspired by so many wonderful professors who pushed and challenged me. I have established beautiful friendships with beautiful people. I’ve also learned some valuable lessons along the way.

No matter how small the window, there are ways to get in and out of it.
The professor may be intimidating and scary, but a one-on-one talk will always prove otherwise. They really are there to help you in any way they can. And sometimes even pray with you.

I don’t care if you try to stuff cookies in your socks, Lois will know about it and she will chase you down.

There is a way of making papers longer without adding a word. Only the most elite of procrastinators know the trick.

Don’t put so much stock in your major because you will probably end up changing it anyway.

There are times to prove a point and times to let things go. Trust me, I’m a perpetual hot head. I have spent all four and a half years learning lessons from fallout of these kinds of situations.

There are no limitations on what constitutes a meal anymore. You can make Easy Mac, or if you’re really desperate, baked apples with bacon and cheese on top. Whatever you see in the fridge first. And there are no restrictions on what you can eat out of. All of your bowls are dirty? OK, eat your Cheerios out of a blender. I have.

No one lofts their beds out of necessity for storage purposes. It’s more annoying to have to run and jump on it. We all really do it so that we can make a fort under it during snowstorms.

No matter how ambitious you are about how early you will start working on a paper, give up the dream. It will not happen. You’re going to wait until the last minute and you know it.

Guys will only open doors for you if you are dressed well. Wear sweats and you’re the one pulling the handle.

Packages from home make everything better. My mother could send me a box full of nothing but Big Red gum and packing peanuts and it would mean the world to me.

Sometimes, people that you pass by, thinking nothing of them and even thinking you’re above them, end up being the dearest friends you’ll ever meet. Humility is one of the most importrant traits you can ever acquire.

Sleep, social life, good grades, and attractiveness level. Pick one. Because you can’t have all of them at once in college and you certainly can’t master more than two.

When World War III begins, it will be because the social service clubs on this campus started it.

Chocolate cures all evil.

Never let yourself be idle. Opportunities exist when you actively pursue things you want. Want an internship? Apply for 50. Want a job after graduation? Do a lot of networking and send your resume to anyone you can. Stay active and don’t ever let yourself not have a plan for the future.

Shoving the tornado wreckage of your clothes and miscellaneous items in your room under your bed does not qualify as cleaning. That only flies for roomcheck in college, not in real life.

Most of all, as much griping as we do about Oklahoma Christian, we are all in love with it and will always have a life-long allegiance to our alma mater. I’m proud of my college experience, I’m proud to receive my diploma from here and I’m proud to go into the world as a representative of this university.

Here’s to you, class of 2012. We finally made it.



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