2nd Mile

Dr. Eric Phelps


Reason: We, the biology students, would like to nominate Dr. Eric Phelps for the 2nd Mile Award. Dr. Phelps regularly goes above and beyond expectations to serve the students in the biology department. In addition to handling a heavy teaching load, Dr. Phelps acts as de facto advisor for a host of students who trust his judgment. Even though Dr. Phelps is not my official advisor, I regularly ask him for advice concerning which classes I should take and which internships I should apply for. Upon his recommendation, I applied for and was accepted to a summer research program that has completely reshaped my career goals. Without his direction, I would never have had this opportunity.
Reason: Dr. Phelps also personally accompanied me and several other students to present our research at the Oklahoma Academy of Sciences Technical Meeting last November. He spent time outside of class and normal work hours giving us feedback on our presentations and preparing us for the conference.
Reason: At the end of last semester, I presented a request to the administration for extended study hours in the science building during finals week. After the request was conditionally granted, Dr. Phelps personally remained in the science building past midnight every night during finals week to make sure that we students were not asked to leave due to some miscommunication. If this is not going above and beyond the call of duty, I do not know what is. Please seriously consider Dr. Phelps for this award. We believe that he is one of OC’s most committed faculty members.
Reason: I nominate Dr. Phelps for the second mile award for a number of reasons. One of the biggest things he has done for his students is to come back up to the science building at midnight several nights in a row to ensure we do not get kicked out (so we all have a place to study late into the evening), especially important to us during finals last semester. He also coordinates many scholarship and internship opportunities for us, constantly relaying this information to his students. He is involved with philiatros and Psi, on campus student organizations, supporting his students. One other note, he even took 10 minutes of a lab once to show his students how to check tire pressure just before fall break travels (because of a student question).