2nd Mile

Lisa Gower


I would like to nominate Lisa Gower, the administrative assistant in the Communication Department, for the Second Mile Awards.

Reason: Over the past year, her boss, Dr. Larry Jurney, the chair of the Communication Department, has been in and out of the office with multiple health problems. In this time, Lisa has picked up his slack (so to speak ) and has many times stayed late to make sure that every little detail in the office is completed, as well as to be there to support student broadcasts in the evenings.

Even while completely stressed herself, she always greets visitors with a smile at the door and immediately will drop everything she is doing to make sure a student’s problem is resolved.

For example, last November, she had plans to work at a wedding rehearsal (I believe), and instead took a group of students to Austin, Texas, to attend a conference or broadcast journalism students, even though she needed to be at the rehearsal. Dr. Jurney was supposed to attend but in the weeks prior, it had been shown that Dr. Jurney had had a heart attack and would then need to be put on dialysis treatments.

Lisa has proven herself to be a very selfless person in the two and a half years I have been at Oklahoma Christian