2nd Mile

Paul Howard


Reason: Mr. Howard has always followed my progress with the ALEX program, and without request he will e-mail and let me know he is following my progress. He gives words of encouragement to keep me going and doing the best I can. I often don’t feel like going further than necessary, but I find myself worrying how he would feel if I stop. A few weeks ago, I was a little behind and Mid Terms were coming up fast. I ask Mr. Howard if he would be available to help me with some problems on the upcoming Friday. I also explained I could be there early Friday. I would just get a Motel after my last class Thursday night, instead of driving back to McAlester as I always do. He told me it would be okay to meet Friday morning for lecture.

I then received another e-mail from Mr. Howard saying he had spoken with his wife and I would just stay in their guest room Thursday instead of getting a Motel. I was really surprised and felt very humbled that a family I barely knew would go that far out of their way to help me. So after class Thursday, I went to their house and was treated like family. The next morning we awoke around 4:30am and went to the University and began lecture before his other classes. After the lecture, I went back to McAlester and applied what I had learned. I was able to get enough steps completed on the ALEX program to have an A average for midterm, when I was worried about getting a C.

I told Mr. Howard that I felt he went above and beyond his duty as a professor, and he said, that’s what we are supposed to do. I only assumed