2nd Mile

Dr. John Maple


I would like to nominate Dr. John Maple for this year’s Second Mile Award.  This nomination comes from not only a staff member of the University but also the mother of a senior who has been in Dr. Maple’s department for four years.  I am constantly amazed at the time and care that Dr. Maple takes for his students.  He could be personified as the “Quiet Giant,”  a humble man who quietly goes about his day with dedication and determination to educate his students and encourages them to be the best that they can possibly be in their field of interest.  While some may call the History Department “Nerdville,”  some of the smartest kids on campus are enjoying studying under the excellent faculty OC has in that area.  Dr. Maple’s students have successfully presented papers at state, regional and national conferences and have won awards. 

The History Department Journal has been in the top 3 in the country for Universities of our size on several occasions.  He is a leader in the national Phi Alpha Theta.

John is a mentor and continually encourages faculty development.  His faculty members are nationally known and regularly attend conferences in their field.  “Let your light so shine that they may see your good works” is a passage from the scriptures which exemplifies the History Department faculty and in particular Dr. Maple.

Besides being an outstanding educator, motivator, and leader on campus, he is dedicated to the Lord’s church, spending numerous hours each week on the Lord’s work. 

Throughout these four years, I have been impressed when my son has told me that he went to talk to Dr. Maple at his house about something or to give him some exciting news about something going on in my son’s life.  Frankly, the one-on-one personal relationships that Dr. Maple has developed with the faculty, staff, and students is significant and has certainly furthered the mission of the University.
I would like to nominate Dr. John Maple. He continues to be an excellent professor, coming to class prepared and with a good attitude, humor, and the necessary focus, and he is willing and happy to meet outside of class when necessary, despite his battle with cancer and his scheduling conflicts with treatment. He is certainly an inspiration.