2nd Mile

Jody Jones


Reason: I would like to recommend Jody Jones for the Second Mile Award this year because of his thorough approach to educating his students about the world of finance and banking. He brings past career experiences into the class room to bring the subject to life and show us how this will relate to our future careers. He truly cares for the students even if they’re not taking his class. This semester he came and spoke to my Christian Family class with Dr. Allen Martin about good family budgeting and financial habits. We need more professors like Jody especial in the finance department of the school of business. He is awesome to have as a chaperone on school sponsored trips and I always look forward to taking a class that he offers. If I ever have a question about business or personal finance and investing, he doesn’t hesitate to set aside what he is doing to focus on my concerns. I would highly suggest giving Jody Jones the Second Mile Award here at Oklahoma Christian University. Please contact me with any questions regarding this matter.