2nd Mile

Michael O'Keefe - Past Winner

Michael O'Keefe Image


Reason: Michael O’Keefe has taken time out of class to give all of his students his home telephone number with the explanation that we can call him if we ever need ANYTHING and ANY time. He has invited many of his students over to his house on weekends for extra critique and brain storming sessions and also gathered us, fed us, and provided a group activity just to help promote community among the department. This man has literally given his blood, sweat, and tears for his students and deserves the Second Mile award.

Michael is a tireless force in promoting the Art & Design department at Oklahoma Christian. He demands the very best from students, never accepting anything but excellence.

Nevertheless, programs in his department are among the most popular on campus because students know that they are getting a great theoretical framework and the practical experience necessary to succeed in a design career.

The classes of 2003 and 2004 were among the largest ever for the Art & Design department. It is OC’s fastest-growing department and one of the most popular majors for incoming freshmen. For that, we can thank Michael O’Keefe.