2nd Mile

Tamie Willis - Winner Spring 2008

Tamie Willis


Reason: This nomination is long overdue.  Freshman year I was working on a research paper for a class, and I went to the library to look for sources.  Tamie Willis saw me and asked if I needed any help.  She spent probably half an hour to an hour teaching me how to use the online databases, search for articles, etc.  She’s an expert, and her help was invaluable.  Not only did she teach me how to find sources and point me in the right direction she actually helped me find them.  There was one book that I desperately needed for my research.  OSU had the book, but I couldn’t get it through interlibrary loan.  I was a poor freshman without a car and couldn’t drive to get the book, so Tamie Willis offered to drive me to Stillwater so I could get it.  That weekend we drove out to OSU so I could get the book from the library.  I just asked Mrs. Willis for help finding material for my research paper, and not only did she help me do that, but she took the time to teach me invaluable research skills and tips that have helped me with over 15 research papers during my college years, and she went above and beyond the call of duty to drive me all the way to Stillwater to get a book that I needed.  Jesus said that if a man asks you to walk for a mile with him, walk with him for two.  If you ask Tamie Willis to walk with you for one mile, she won’t just walk with you for two, she’ll offer you a ride and drive with you for a hundred.  Every time I’ve seen Tamie in the library, she is helping someone (and always with a cheerful smile).  I’ll see her sitting at a desk with a student teaching them how to do research, and I’ll remember the time she helped me with the same thing.  This semester I was in the library searching for internship opportunities.  She asked how I was doing, as she always does, and when she found out I was looking for internships, without my asking she went and got several books that had all the information I needed; in addition, she emailed me contact information that she had acquired from people in very field I was hoping to get an internship in.  I’ve been on this campus for four years, and I’ve met many people that go the second mile, but not like Tamie Willis.  She personifies going the second mile.

Reason: Tamie Willis is tireless in her support of faculty and students, who advocates unceasingly for library holdings and the central importance of the library on a university campus. She also serves on countless committees with good spirit and great contribution. Tamie never complains and is always ready to do more for the students and for faculty. She stays late into the evening helping students who’ve waiting until the last minute, and I’m sure has saved many of them from disaster!


Reason: Once again I must nominate Tamie Willis, director of the library. She is a tireless worker, dedicated to students and faculty alike, and she so perfectly embodies the giving spirit of OC. Last summer, she opened the library specifically for my perspectives students to do their research. This meant that she had to come in -  unpaid - and be in the library with them. Every finals week, she allows our Honors society to have a book sale in the lobby, and she works happily to allow them to raise money for their conference travel. She has also worked with them on a service project, buying over 50 books for a local school at Christmas time. Tamie is always cheerful, positive, and dedicated to making our students’ experience the best it can be, even when they’re writing papers! We should all be the kind of faculty member Tamie has modeled for us.

Reason: As the director of the library, Tamie shows her servant heart in a variety of ways: she often goes to great lengths to help students, faculty, and staff alike find the information they need; she is very supportive of the faculty and staff who work under her; she plans special dinners and birthday celebrations for the students who work at the library; she frequently has students in her home; and she cheerfully works long hours (particularly during finals week, when the library is open until 1:00 am).


Reason: Tamie works tirelessly and constantly for our students, both as an advisor and as director of the library. Two instances reveal her commitment to them: this summer, she willingly opened the library after hours for my Perspectives in Literature students to complete their research. This meant that she came in on her own time and without pay so that the students could access research for their projects. I can think of few people on campus who would do such a thing. Secondly, she works with my students twice a year on setting up, running, and regulating the Sigma Tau Delta booksale, which involves allowing us to use space in the library lobby, to add to the confusion of finals week, and to make use of her student workers. She is always more than willing to let the students do this, although I know it creates chaos in her already chaotic job. The students are not always responsible in clean up or set up, but Tamie is unfailingly polite and encouraging to their project. These reasons, among so many others, make Tamie a perfect candidate for this award.

Reason: Tamie has gone over and above her duties as librarian many times in making sure readings were available to my students via eReserves—even though I sent them to her at the last minute!  She has always done this with a cheerful attitude.  Also, students have reported how helpful she has been to them in doing research, organizing it, and finding sources.  I can think of no one more deserving!


Reason: As a staff member, I work with Tamie Willis and I see her helping students with everything!  Schoolwork, enrollment, even their personal lives.  Her door is always open to them.

Reason: Mrs. Willis is not only a leader in the university library but outside of our campus as well. Tamie is instrumental in preparing children’s curriculum for the Mexico Mission of the Edmond church of Christ. She is a force in higher learning who has responded to a higher calling.