2nd Mile

Vicki Wallace

Vicki Wallace


Reason: I nominate Vicki Wallace for the 2nd Mile Award.  For many years she has been the primary person who meets people who come to campus because of the location of the Bible building and her office at the front.  She is never too busy to guide people and help them with whatever they are needing. No telling how many people received their first impression of OC from Vicki Wallace and it is always a good one. Many people may not be aware of what a key role she plays in creating good will for OC.
Then there is the incredible amount of good will she creates within the College of Biblical Studies.  I don’t know how she does it but she is always in a good mood!! She is helpful to all faculty and students alike as well as to the many church patrons who come to campus.  Her influence is strong and far a wide.  Vicki Wallace represents everything good about OC.  She truly deserves the 2nd Mile Award.

Reason: I would like to nominate Vicki Wallace for the 2nd mile award.
Vicki serves Alan Martin and all the members of the Bible faculty in a very efficient and helpful way.  She is pleasant in every way, always responding with quick service on whatever is needed. She also teaches some Bible classes in our children’s ministry program and does an excellent job on those.  She meets the public well and helps them with whatever is needed.  Vicki has been serving in her present role for many years and has always done an outstanding job.

Reason: I’ve served as an adjunct professor in the Bible department for years and Vicki has always gone the second mile to assist me as a teacher and also to aid the students in the learning process.  Her kind and helpful spirit are evidence of a person whose been running the two miler for many years.

Reason: I join others of my colleagues in the College of Biblical Studies in nominating Vicki Wallace for the Second Mile award.  When I came to Oklahoma Christian 25 years ago fresh from the mission field in Germany Vicki took me, this new kid on the block, under her wings and gently introduced me to a new life on a college campus.  The funny thing is, 25 years later, she is still just as helpful as she was then.  No-one can be more deserving of this award.

Reason: I nominate Vicki Wallace for the 2nd Mile Award.
Reason: Vicki keeps the College of Biblical Studies running smoothly.  She does everything – from ordering books on behalf of professors, to scheduling our classes (and juggling the personal schedules and preferences of the entire faculty!) to fixing the copier when it fails.  She is always cheerful at her work – never a bad day, not even when she lost her husband 2 years ago!  I have been amazed at her resilience, and her constant kindness to our students.  She is frequently the face of the COBS – the one students deal with the most.
Reason: Vicki’s service to the university goes far beyond her job description.  It was her dedication to our students that led her to pursue her master’s degree in Religious Education, and now she is one of the principal teachers in that degree program.  She always earns the love and respect of those students.  Vicki epitomizes what we want OC to be.

Reason: I want to nominate Vicki Wallace for the Second Mile Award.  She is precisely the kind of person this award was designed to recognize.
Reason: Vicki is consistently friendly, helpful and kind – I’ve observed this over 20 years.  Vicki is kind when she is sick, Vicki is kind when she is tired, Vicki is kind when she is being pushed by multiple demands from faculty and administration.
Reason: Her physical office is one of the top three most often visited by off-campus people, and she is consistently representing OC in the best possible light.  I look forward to walking through her office every day – she will always do something to make me feel welcome and appreciated.  By all means, let’s give Vicki Wallace the Second Mile Award this year.

Reason: I would like to nominate Vicki Wallace for the 2nd Mile award.  Vicki is an extremely important part of our work in the College of Biblical Studies.  She performs her duties with the grace and the generosity that is exemplary.  She is so helpful and patient with the Bible faculty and is willing to assist us in many ways.  Whether we are asking for time-sensitive help to prepare for a class or need an errand run when no work study helpers are available or make calls that would ease our schedule, Vicki is willing to help with a smile and a servant’s heart.  While I have not availed myself of this one particular offer of help from Vicki, I appreciate her willingness to help faculty enter in final grades as the deadline approaches so that more time can be spent by the faculty in grading final exams and totaling final scores.  It is Vicki everyday assistance in small and big matters, which is always done without complaint or resistance, and her gracious interactions with students and guests who come into her office which qualifies Vicki for the 2nd Mile award.

Reason: I am submitting a nomination for Mrs. Vicki Wallace for the Second Mile award.
Reason: Everyone knows that Vicki Wallace is the linchpin who holds the College of Biblical Studies together. Unfailingly patient and good-natured with everyone—students, faculty, staff, administrators, and visitors alike—she always has the answer to everyone’s problems, but never in a know-it-all way.
Reason: The College of Biblical Studies simply couldn’t function smoothly were it not for Vicki Wallace. She is richly deserving of the Second Mile award.


Reason: She is always the positive attitude person who not only helps everybody but also volunteers to help those not even in her department.  She is a wonderful ambassador for the university because sine we sit at the front of the campus she is often the first person of contact for people needing help.  She is always friendly and patient and I truly mean always.  Her work is always done well and ahead of time but her dealings with everybody set a standard for all of us. 


Reason: I think she serves as a great role model for people to follow as well as an amazing woman of God both in and out of the classroom. She is very helpful through every situation and is very understanding.