2nd Mile

Dr. Jeanine Varner - Winner Spring 2007

Jeanine Varner


Reason: As a new staff member this year, it has been a genuine pleasure for me to work at OC for Dr. Jeanine Varner.  Having worked in industry and at a State university

previously, it has been refreshing to be greeted each morning with a boss with a smiling face and an upbeat attitude.  I have been amazed each day as I have watched Dr. Varner’s dedication to the students of this University and careful attention to the administration of her duties.

Dr. Varner is truly a 24-hour employee.  It is not uncommon for me to come in at 7:30 in the morning to be greeted with e-mails written by Dr. Varner well after midnight.  While Dr. Varner was in Japan, it seemed as if she never slept.  I kept getting e-mails that I knew were written at 3 to 5 a.m. Tokyo time. 

Dr. Varner is very talented.  Most people don’t know she is an expert juggler.  Juggling such a busy schedule would be frustrating for most people, but Dr. Varner seems to thrive on pressure.  She has worked faculty and students into her busy schedule when frankly I didn’t think it would be possible for her to do any more than was already on the schedule. 

Dr. Varner’s love and compassion for the faculty students of this University is phenomenal.  She laughs with them, cries with them, prays for them, and starts almost every meeting with a prayer for them.  Dr. Varner is truly the heartbeat of this institution, and she will be sorely missed in her current position.  In thinking of the many worthy individuals on campus to receive the Second Mile Award, I can think of no one more deserving than Dr. Jeanine Varner. 

Thank you for your consideration of Dr. Varner for this award.  It is truly gratifying to work at a University which cares for its employees enough to give such an award.


Reason: I had Dr. Varner as an honors professor my freshmen year. This year however, I have come to know her in a different light in two ways. First, from about December 2004 to November 2005, I was considering changing my dream of becoming a physician. As I was finishing up this decision, I found myself under her counsel, and finally, when I did decide to completely change career paths she came to my aid. I had a normal class load, but I was taking a five hour class I no longer needed; I did not desire to spend the remainder of the semester in such a tedious class when I would not necessarily need the information in the new major. She took time out of her schedule to create an independent study for me in which I could make up enough hours to stay a full time student. Secondly, on top of aid she gave me in course work, I started an organization on campus which required two faculty advisors. After hearing all of the information she agreed to sacrifice more of her time to help with this undertaking. She is completely selfless and always willing to offer aid. I appreciate her not only as a professor but also as a role model.


Reason: I’d like to nominate Dr. Jeanine Varner. She helped me considerably as I was going through a rough transition from high school to college and struggling through the honors program. I do not believe I would be here again this year nor would I be this far in my classes if she hadn’t seen that I was taking some serious falls and stopped to help me back up. She saw the potential that I truly possess and through instruction and encouragement helped me to see it too. Although I am a couple classes behind, I am now well on my way to a degree in math education and I thank Dr. Varner for making the road, not necessarily easier, but clearer and unquestionably worth the work.