2nd Mile

Dr. John Thompson - Winner Spring 2008

John Thompson


Reason: I would like to nominate Dr. John Thompson for the 2nd Mile Award.  Dr. Thompson never ceases to amaze the people he works with and his students.  There have been a few times this year that Dr. Thompson has had to miss his classes due to illness, but everyday last week he was in the hospital and still lectured his class from a speaker phone.  I have never known someone to go out of their way to make sure the student’s are attended to.  I told his African Civilization class he wants to make sure they get their money’s worth.  The reply was, “that’s awesome!”  I agree - Dr. Thompson is truly awesome.

Reason: I would like to nominate Dr. John Thompson for the Second Mile Award.  Dr. Thompson is always so enthusiastic no matter how he is feeling.  There are days you know he does not feel like crawling down the stairs, but he does anyway just so he can see our faces to be more personal with us.  Another spectacular item about Dr. Thompson is how he lectured to us over the telephone from his hospital bed.  Dr. Thompson is truly a hero to me as he cares so much about us and our education.


Reason: I nominate Dr. John Thompson for this award because despite all his health problems in the past, and this year, he has kept on looking forward to his bright future. Instead of feeling sorry for himself you can sense his enthusiasm and passion for his students and his love of God. He is so thankful for coming through this mess despite everything and is a true encouragement to the students on campus that you can overcome no matter how hard your life circumstance.

Reason: I would like to nominate Dr. John Thompson. Not only is he a great teacher, but he is passionate about what he does which encourages students to learn. This semester, Dr. Thompson has been through a lot; he’s had many health problems, but he did not let that defeat him. Dr. Thompson spent his time in recovery still teaching; he did what he could by giving telephone conference calls in order to keep his class up to date. Through everything, he is always in the best of spirits. The students see his passion and determination and are motivated to learn from his vast knowledge and experiences.


Reason: Dr. Thompson is a teacher who does whatever it takes to help his students pass his class. He works with them through their disabilities and makes them feel that they can achieve their dreams and goal. He pushes them to do their best and is always willing to give a helping hand. He does this while he himself has been sick and I truly believe he is an example to everyone.

Reason: Dr. Thompson is one of the most amazing teachers I have ever had the opportunity to learn under. He is encouraging to his students and you can tell he truly cares for them. Dr. Thompson was recently honored by receiving an article in the view, which clearly demonstrates his respectability from his students and peers.

Reason: I think Dr. Thompson should be nominated because he’s a professor that does everything in his power to make sure everybody passes and at the same time make sure they get something out of it.

Reason: He has gone above and beyond to teach us. He makes you want to learn in all he does.


Reason: I would like to nominate Dr. John Thompson.  He has been in the hospital for surgery and even has had his foot amputated, but he still comes to class and teaches us not matter what.  He is an amazing and inspiring man who wants to make sure that his students get the best education possible.

Reason: I would like to choose Dr. Thompson for this award.  I really don’t think writing reasons are necessary, but I’ll just say this.  The man taught me in the hospital along with many other students.  Oh yeah, he is still teaching this year even though he very recently underwent a complicated surgery.  He is a good man who deserves this award more than any other teacher on campus.  Dr. Thompson taught all of us from his hospital bed when he probably should have been resting.  He dealt with stress from teaching and his health.  He is just a good man.