2nd Mile

Kenny Stratton - Past Winner


Reason: He has been working more than 50 to 60 hours a week in order to make sure that students have enough to eat. His efforts have not been recognize publicly. He should get this recognition because he’s one of those people that do with the right hand with out the left hand knowing. Many students would not know his effort simply because they have not work with him. He is always thought of others first before himself.

Reason: He does so much for this school and breaks his back for the students on a daily basis. He has never been publicly recognized for his efforts. He deserves this prize.

Reason: Kenny is one of the managers at cafeteria. He is a great guy who makes everybody laugh and He does so much for this school and breaks his back for the students on a daily basis.

Reason: Kenny Stratton is the head chef and kitchen manager of the cafe.  He puts his heart and soul into his work and will go to any lengths to make sure the kids are happy and getting what they want.  He continually stays here long hours and sometimes works seven days a week.  He makes the cafe a fun place to work and he always has a smile on his face.  Every holiday he spends hours making special desserts and planning menus that the kids might miss from home.  This is his life and he tries so hard to make the students happy and satisfied.

Reason: He always goes out of his way to make special meals for the students. He works extra late to prepare meals. I also work in the cafe and I’ve noticed that he is always in high spirits. No matter how hard he has been working, he never complains. He brings up the moral of the entire staff. He also makes the students happy with his unique meals.

Reason: Kenny pours his heart and soul into his work each and every day. Most of what he does is done behind the scenes and many students are likely unaware of the countless hours he pours into providing for their nutritional needs each day. He will change his entire schedule on a moment’s notice if he feels it will be of better benefit to the student body and much of his work comes without thanks or even recognition. Kenny is a sound role model for students, showing them the importance of both dedication and love throughout his work.

Reason: Kenny puts unbelievable energy in serving the students food everyday and making special days even more special for people who can’t go home. He is an incredible servant of the school and never asks for thanks or recognition. Kenny puts in countless hours to give the students the best he can give.

Reason: He’s always looking out for students.  If we ask him for something—anything from food in the cafeteria to help with homework—he’s always there to help.  He goes way out of his way to make the food in the cafeteria taste good and he is always kind to everyone, even when they critique his work.  He has been wonderful to work with and even more wonderful to watch.  He really loves the students.

Reason: In the cafe our head chef tends to stay in the back and does so much for these kids to make sure whatever the kids want to eat he will bend over backwards to get it for them.  Example, one student wanted rice krispy treats with white chocolate on them, He made them the next day. He does so many little things.  He makes birthday cakes for people.  He is in charge of about 20 people plus making the food order three times a week.  He stays here sometimes late to do this.  The kids have no idea what he does for them. Or how their important their happiness is to him. He deserves this award so much.  I can give more examples if you need them.