2nd Mile

Debbie Newberry - Winner Spring 2006

Debbie Newberry


Reason: Debbie completes her work with a smile and never invokes the “that’s not my job” attitude when asked for help that is beyond her general duties.  I am pleased to have her as a colleague in DAH.

Reason: Debbie is always pleasant, helpful, and dependable. She has a wonderful, happy disposition and is always willing to help in any way she can. She really does go the Second mile for professors, students, and co-workers.

Reason: Debbie routinely goes beyond the call of duty to make sure things run smoothly in the Departments of History and Political Science and Psychology/Family Studies and she does it all with a smile.  She has assembled the best work study team on campus and creates a great work environment.  Our central office is the hub of excitement.  On many occasions Debbie has taken up the slack by arranging for classes to be covered or administrative tasks to get done while faculty members have been ill (and we’ve had a lot of illness).  She has gotten me out of several jams, paper and otherwise.  Just yesterday Debbie stayed two hours past her normal time for an ADA student to finish his/her final exam.  This is just one of many examples of how Debbie goes the second mile.

Reason: She works so hard for the professors that she works with.  She gets all their tests ready, she files stuff for them, and she even takes home work so that she get everything done on time.  The professors in the DAH building would be lost without her.

Reason: Debbie Newberry is truly indispensable as I teach large sections of American History she not only coordinates attendance and grading for my classes but she also coordinates attendance for APE, and Psychology.  Her warmth and kindness are crucial as she comes into contact with many bewildered freshmen, and she does her job so efficiently.  The freshmen year is filled with large classes.  Debbie Newberry helps make these classes personable.  She does all this work with a wonderful Christian attitude.  She exemplifies the attitude that makes this institution desirable.

Reason: She has always gone out of her way for anyone who needed help. She is always so polite to everyone who comes through, including myself. I’ve never seen her without a smile on her face, and I hope she gets the second mile award.

Reason: Our professors would not be able to function without her!

Reason: Debbie is the glue that holds not only one department together, but TWO departments (Psychology and Family Studies AND History and Political Science).  She keeps everything organized and stays on top of everything all the time.  She also manages to do all of this with a smile on her face.  Even when she’s stressed out, she keeps her cool and takes time to laugh and make others smile.  I think she would be a great candidate for this!

Reason: Debbie is one of the most hardworking, loving, and caring people I see working here.  She is always willing to go above and beyond what needs to done.  Plus, she serves as an excellent Christian role model for me.  Debbie is a perfect nominee for this award!

Reason: She puts forth so much work to keep the history, psychology, and family studies departments running smoothly, and she is a huge help to all of the students that come by her office.


Reason: Debbie is deserving of this award because she indeed goes the second mile.  She must spend half her salary (ok, that may be a slight exaggeration) on candy for her candy dish, resulting in a steady stream of students and faculty coming by her desk.  She often comes in early, and even more frequently stays late, in order to complete tasks.  She insists on coming in to help at Fall Visit and Spring Visit, even though each time it means another trip from Yukon where she lives.  Even though her father has been in poor health this semester, she has juggled family needs and work with nary a complaint and with lots of smiles.  On top of handling the myriads of routine tasks that the faculties of the History & Political Science and the Psychology & Family Studies Departments assign her, she efficiently deals with the special jobs, such as all of the clerical work associated with History Day.

Reason: Debbie is one of the most helpful, pleasant people I’ve dealt with in my four years at OC. She has gone out of her way to help me more times than I can count and even when I’ve done something that is going to cause her more work she is always cheerful and ready to help.

Reason: Debbie is always cheerful and helpful.  She tries to find a way to do whatever is asked of her.  She never appears to resent being asked to do all kinds of things for professors and students alike.  She is a very hard worker - reliable and dependable, and she has a great attitude!

Reason: I nominate Debbie Newberry.  She is the secretary for the Psychology and Family Studies department as well as the History and Political Science department.  She works well with the students making sure to always be pleasant as she is bombarded with questions ranging from “are the grades done” to “do you have anymore candy?”  She never complains when asked to do a favor and is a great example of someone who goes the second mile.