2nd Mile

Dot Maple - Past Winner

Dot Maple Image


Reason: I want to nominate Dot Maple because she personifies going the second mile to serve students and the university.  She is the behind-the-scenes force in the Admissions office that holds everything together.  Others get credit for the excellent job the Admissions team has done in the last few years, but everything they do would not be possible without Dot coordinating everything in the office.  She does all she can to work for us, making sure we get the hours we want while ensuring that everything is taken care of, be it housing prospective students, giving tours, or traveling to college fairs.  Through all of this hard work, she keeps her wonderful sense of humor.  I can think of two words that sum Dot up: spunky and a mess.  She’s a boss that is a joy to work for.  She doesn’t care about recognition or awards or anything like that; if anything, I think she would be embarrassed.  But I can’t think of anyone who deserves this more.

Reason: I’m nominating Dot Maple, from admissions. She is constantly helping students and looking out for us. She also looks out for the University by how she treats prospective students and their families.

Reason: I just wanted to nominate Dot Maple for the Second Mile Award. She is such an amazing woman and she does so much for this campus. I don’t think that she is appreciated enough for the job that she does. She is who I think deserves this award.

Reason: I work in Admissions and get to work with Dot. She is an amazing lady. She puts so much time and effort into making sure that people get a good representation of OC when they come to visit. She is patient and kind and a wonderful person!

Reason: I would like to nominate Dot Maple for the Second Mile Award. She does an amazing job advancing the university through all her endeavors in the Admissions Office. Every outside student that comes in whether they go to school here or not is always impressed by her wonderful attitude. She makes me feel special anytime I come in to work and she is always worried about how I am and how she can better my experiences. She is one amazing lady and I believe she exemplifies this award.

Reason: Dot does so much for the students she comes into contact with. She understands if her student delegates get sick and cannot come into work. If we have made a disaster out of one of our delegate events, she never gets upset she always looks on the bright side. She not only helps the students that are currently here, but she helps the students that are to come. She just makes being student delegate so much fun, because she is genuinely nice. I love her and I think she goes the 2nd mile to help out our University.

Reason: I would like to nominate my boss Dot Maple. She is amazing and I think she deserves this award.

Reason: It is a privilege and an honor to have the opportunity to nominate one of OC’s greatest Employees for the Second Mile Award.  I would like to nominate Dot Maple of the admissions office.  Dot has worked for OC since 1979 if I am remembering correctly first at the off-campus book store then in Alumni Relations and now for the past 12+ years in Admissions.  Dot is the perfect example of a great Christian woman.  Dot takes every one of her Student Delegates, Student Workers and Work Study Students in as her own “grandchildren” if you will.  She cares more about her kids than if the job is done quickly.  She has many times sat with me in conference when I was in need of some one to talk to because I was struggling in a class, or my grandparent are not doing well etc.  Dot is the perfect person for this award.  Dot also suffers from some medical problems but never complains about the hassle of treatment. It is my deepest hope and prayer that you will see that Dot is very deserving of this award.