2nd Mile

Dr. Molly Hill - Winner Fall 2005

Molly Hill Image


Reason: Dr. Hill is just an amazing person and teaches with a passion for science and her students.  She wishes for all her students to learn and be well-rounded knowledgeable individuals.  She took on a lot of responsibility with the passing of Dr. Gaither, and she is a great example of a caring, Christian woman who tries to do her best to God and the people around her.  She loves teaching and relationships with her students so much.  She is the greatest!!

Reason: Dr. Hill took over for our microbiology class for Dr. Gaither, which was not an easy thing to do, but she did a great job. I know our whole class appreciates everything that she did for us.

Reason: She lost one of her closest friends this year and has willing taken over her (Dr. Kim Gaither) classes and has been really supportive to those students in Dr. Gaither’s class.  I know that she would not want this award for that reason alone, but she is a hard core teacher that has pushed students be the best that he/she can be.  For that I think she deserves this award.

Reason: Dr. Hill has gone far beyond the call of duty this semester in a way that is hard for me to understand. After the loss of our beloved friend and colleague, Dr. Gaither, she offered to finish the microbiology class taught by Dr. Gaither. During the busiest part of the semester she took on an enormous load figuring out how the class would function, grading, project due dates and then finishing up lecture. She did all this with the pain of losing a loved one fresh on her heart. She has handled this challenge in an extraordinary way and has won the admiration and gratitude of her students. She certainly is a Second Mile award winner in the hearts of her students.

Reason: She has done so much for our microbiology class in the place of Dr. Gaither. She took over our class in the reason that the administration did not know what to do with us. She has been able to get us all ready for our final and has been able to take on this extra class when she did not have to. She’s been strong and patient with all of us. She has shown much courage in having lost one of her close and dear colleges and friends. Hats off to Dr. Hill.

Reason: I would like to nominate Dr. Molly Hill for the Second Mile Award. She has gone above and beyond for our class. I was in Dr. Gaither’s microbiology class this fall. When Dr. Gaither left for Pittsburg for her procedure, Dr. Hill stepped in to take over the lecture and labs. After Dr. Gaither’s death, Dr. Hill had us all come in for a ‘debriefing’ where we could share thoughts and favorite memories of Dr. Gaither. This helped the class tremendously in dealing with our loss. She modified the syllabus and class itinerary to better fit the circumstances we were left with. Even while dealing with her personal loss of a dear friend, she worked with everyone in our class to allow us to get everything out of the class that we expected to and that Dr. Gaither would have expected us to. She has gone above and beyond anyone’s expectations this semester while dealing with this tragedy. For the above reasons I would like to nominate Dr. Hill for the Second Mile.

Reason: This year Dr. Hill has gone well beyond her call of duty. Throughout the semester when Dr. Gaither needed Dr. Hill to sub for her because of chemotherapy, Dr. Hill was there in order to keep the microbiology class up and running. Even after Dr. Gaither’s death, Dr. Hill reconfigured and continued Dr. Gaither’s class. She spent many extra hours in order to help the microbiology students get through this class even with the loss of a teacher. Dr. Hill has had a good attitude and has helped many students, such as myself, cope with what has happened. I believe Dr. Hill really deserves this second mile award because she truly has gone the second mile!

Reason: This year Dr. Hill has gone way above and beyond her call of duty as a professor at OC. When our microbiology class was in need of someone to take over in Dr. Gaither’s absence (surgery, chemotherapy, etc…) Dr. Hill would always volunteer. When the situation became even harder at Dr. Gaither’s death, Dr. Hill stepped in to make sure our class was ok and that we would still continue in the course. She sat down with our class and had an hour set aside where we could talk about any memories of Dr. Gaither and just cry together. She did an EXCELLENT job of reorganizing our class schedule for the end of the semester and teaching us all that Dr. Gaither had intended for us to learn. She was such an encouragement to everyone in our class, even if she didn’t know everyone. She deserves this award for her selfless thinking and her actions that benefited our class greatly.

Reason: Dr. Hill stepped in during a difficult situation when Dr. Gaither passed away. She took over our microbiology class and finished off the semester strong. She was a strong hold for us and the rest of the Science faculty during such a great loss. She went beyond the call of duty to do something that must have been really hard and stressful to do.

Reason: Dr. Hill took over our five hour microbiology class after the passing of Dr. Gaither.  She did an excellent job of teaching the remainder of the class, even though she had her other classes and commitments to worry about.  Dr. Hill was very fair when it came to the structure of the course without compromising the material she was supposed to teach.  She truly went the 2nd mile for everyone in the class and we would not have made it through the semester without her.

Reason: Dr. Hill has always been a great mentor to me. I can not recall the number of times I have set in her office, as she helped me arrange summer jobs, think about life goals, and discuss classes or anything else. I have always felt that she was truly interested in me as a person, not merely as a student. This semester she has truly risen to the occasion as she has stepped up to fill in for Dr. Gaither in our Microbiology class. She has been so supportive of us and has helped us to all deal with this situation better. She is an amazing woman and deserves to be recognized.

Reason: I nominate Dr. Molly Hill for stepping up and taking over Dr. Kim Gaither’s class of Microbiology.  She has done a wonderful job in a difficult situation by picking up where Dr. Gaither left off.  We all really appreciate her effort in helping us finish this semester.

Reason: As most of us on campus know, Dr. Kim Gaither passed away this year. This posed quite the predicament for us, as her students, and for the administration. Dr. Hill took over the class and has done so much for in during this time. We know it has to be rough on her, losing a friend and colleague and also to have to go through Dr. Gaither’s office trying to find the class material. It’s very obvious that really cares about us as students and I think she should be rewarded for definitely going above and beyond the call of duty. Not only did she help us out when we didn’t know what would be happening but she is a wonderful teacher and encouragement to us all.

Reason: Dr. Hill took over Dr. Gaither’s microbiology class so that we could finish the semester knowing everything we needed to. Despite her personal grief at losing Dr. Gaither, she served us in teaching. This meant five days of lecture a week in a class she hasn’t taught in years. It also meant figuring out all of our grades, and grading many quizzes, tests, reports, and labs to get us caught up to speed. Through the entire section, her concern was teaching us what we needed to know, and not worrying about the extra work it was giving her.  If any teacher went the second mile this semester, it was her.

Reason: She was willing to take over Dr.Gaither’s microbiology class and put up with us and get us caught up with the 2 week behind we were. I believe that is not an easy thing to do. Not only did she took over, but did her best so that we understood the material and even had time out of class for any questions and help we might needed. For that reason I nominate Dr. Hill.

Reason: She has been amazing this semester. I know that taking over Dr. Gaither’s Micro class is very stressful but she has done a wonderful job and has really been there for all of us.

Reason: When given the opportunity to nominate someone for the 2nd Mile Award, I immediately thought of one person in particular. Dr. Molly Hill has always gone above and beyond the call of duty to help her students. Her door is ALWAYS open and she is always willing to help a student with whatever they are facing whether it be schoolwork or just life in general. There are numerous times when I have stopped by her office and she has dropped everything she is doing to listen to what’s going on in my life and advise me on anything for which I may need advice.

Dr. Hill genuinely cares about her students and their goals for the future. She will do whatever it takes to help her students get summer internships, volunteer opportunities, research experiences, etc. She keeps in close contact with prominent scientists all over and matches her students up with possible mentors.  Dr. Hill has always had and will always have her students’ absolute best interests in mind. She does everything she possibly can to help us succeed.

This semester in particular, I have seen Dr. Hill go through the tragedy of losing one of her closest colleagues and best friends, Dr. Kim Gaither. Dr. Hill was always there for Dr. Gaither if she ever needed someone to help her with a class or a lab or with the simple task of opening her door. While Dr. Hill was grieving (and still is grieving) the loss of her friend, she graciously, with no questions asked, took over Dr. Gaither’s Microbiology class and Dr. Gaither’s other duties. She went into the class every day and had to deal with the pain of the reality we all face with the loss of Dr. Gaither. She studied Dr. Gaither’s notes, the microbiology book, and several other resources to make sure that she was still giving the students the best education possible.

When I leave this university, there are probably many people that I will remember but will not keep in contact with. Many professors and faculty have impacted my life in a big way and I am grateful for them, but Dr. Hill has by far had the greatest impact on my life.  She has mentored me and guided me and I am glad to call her my friend. I am grateful for everything she has taught me in classes, but more importantly I am grateful that I have gained a friend for life.