2nd Mile

Kent Hartman

Kent Hartman


Reason:  I believe Kent Hartman should be awarded the Second Mile. He has driven me to the hospital several times and stayed there with me since my parents couldn’t be there, I know he’s done this for other students on campus as well. He has helped me out when I’ve been in financial issues, he truly offers everything he has to his students, advice, time, rides, money. He is a selfless man and truly embodies the characteristics of Christ in the way he serves the OC community.

Honestly I have never meet a more detected professor here at OC. Being a transfer student, it was hard coming into a university that has such a small student population and an even smaller network of professors. I was a little lonely and lost my first semester at OC, I didn’t really know anyone here besides the transfer friends I meet the first week of school. I didn’t have any previous experience with the faculty here, I had no idea what to expect. So naturally I sign up to take a class on Sunday nights. Mr. Kent Hartman is such a wonderful professor, not only did I actually learn material taught in his class, but I looked forward to attending every class. He made a real effort to get to know me, where I came from, and why I chose OC. He made a real effort to help make OC my new home and I am so glad I met him my first semester here, I don’t think my OC experience would have been the same without him.


Reason: Kent Hartman is a man of great faith, humility, kindness, and service!  He was my teacher for Matthew last semester.  Along with his enthusiastic teaching to a very tough crowd, Kent also touched my heart in another way.  I was struggling with a difficult situation and needed Godly advice.  I stayed after class one day and Kent listened to me and shared his wisdom through God’s word with me.  He showed me Christ’s love through his actions.  Another admirable aspect of Kent Hartman’s teaching is how he incorporates his wisdom and guidance into his lectures. We will be discussing what a certain passage means and he will elaborate on to a life application for us and guide us or encourage us in a certain direction.  Kent is more than just a teacher at OC, he is truly a minister of God and deserves to be recognized for such service! 


Reason: Kent Hartman is a man who is not afraid to be a Christian where ever he goes. He is an encourager and is someone who wants and tries to help everyone.

Reason: Besides encouraging us on Fridays to remember and encourage those who are in the mission fields Kent is a true saint off campus. I was traveling down Memorial Road when all the sudden my Jeep died. It would not start back up at all. I was all alone and tried pushing it a little ways by my self, but was getting no where. So I get back in and I am sitting in the middle of the road. Then a red truck pulls up beside me, not at all afraid of the mean looks people were probably giving him and asked me if I needed a push. I said yes, he started pushing and I try starting it as he was pushing. I got it started back up and tried yelling thank you as I kept going not wanting it to die again.

Reason: There is no limit to how much of an impact this man can make on one’s life…Professor Hartman is my idea of an awesome Christian. He is always happy and helpful. He helps anyone who is willing to come to him with their problems. He is very knowledgeable in the Bible. He is extremely humble.

Reason: In class I can see God’s love shining through him. He encourages his students in so many ways, such as, getting out and witnessing to those who need the Lord and demonstrating God’s love. He has been a great example in my life and I can see the passion for God that he has in his heart. He also has a passion for teaching his students and educating us in God’s word and I am encouraged by his passion for the Word! He is a great Christian example and leader.

Reason: I choose Kent Hartman because I see the way he acts with us in and outside of class. My father was diagnosed with cancer last week and Mr. Hartman has been in touch with me almost everyday to let me know he is praying for my family and my dad and wanting to know if there is anything he can do to help. I just think that he is such a caring Christian man. He deserves it. He always makes himself available to us outside of class also.

Reason: I have had Kent for classes freshmen year and this year. His enthusiasm his amazing in anything he teaches. You can see his heart through every word he says. He is an encouragement to me, and everyone around. His Christian influence shows that he is giving his all to God at all times. He blesses Oklahoma Christian day to day, so lets bless him back.

Reason: Kent Hartman deserves this award for the simple fact that the term “Second Miler” describes him to a “T.” In the classroom he goes the second mile to present the material in a way so that it is not over his students heads, so they grasp the information. Outside of the classroom he is heavily involved in Outreach. He devotes a great deal of time to that ministry by helping coordinate meetings and spring break trips. He also does a lot with the hymn program, keeping in touch with the workers to keep us up-to-date on there works. Above all else he is always open to consultation outside of the classroom. I personally know this because he went out of his way to help me when I was having a personal study with a friend of mine. He gave me several books that where a help and personal consultation, as well as some of his personal prayer time, which in itself is priceless.