2nd Mile

Dr. Kim Gaither - Winner Fall 2005

Kim Gaither


Reason: I did not know Dr. Gaither that well but it is apparent that she had a major impact on this campus. Even though she was going through all that she was going through she kept coming and touching the lives of her students. I have a lot of respect for her and wish that I would have had the opportunity to have gotten to know her.

Reason: While, I know she is no longer with us, she did so much for us while she was still here.  Even though she was not feeling great she still helped interview students for a Semester Abroad and she always tried to be at class no matter what.  She lived her life for God, her family, and us.  Her family deserves this reward in honor of her.

Reason: She always gave her all in teaching. She loved her students and loved to teach. She was available for her students, did everything she could to be there for them to help them learn. She was also a wonderful Christian example and leader. She participated in learning activities outside of class with her students, and she displayed trust in her students and encouraged them to go for their dreams and not to settle for any less than their best. She was an amazing professor, friend, and counselor.

Reason: I know that she is no longer with us, but she did so much for everyone. She always went out of her way for anyone, even if they were not her student. She taught many people different things, and most of those things were things that you would not learn from a book. She taught about faith, love, and hope. Though she never really mentioned them, but she lived them. And because of her, I know I will be a better person.

Reason: I know it’s too late for Kim to appreciate it, but Kim’s family should know that we realize that Kim defined the 2nd Mile concept in everything she did. Not even her illness could keep her from teaching and being involved in so many aspects of the students’ lives and in so many aspects of the university.


Reason: I would like to nominate Dr. Kim Gaither for the second mile award. She is such a wonderful teacher and really strives to not only teach her students but also to build students self confidence and their relationship with God. She is always willing to help when someone is having trouble or there to listen when you have a crisis. She really goes the second mile in everything she does. I think she deserves this award because she not only goes the second mile but she does all this while having cancer. She is bright and cheerful and always giving of herself for the good of the students. Dr. Gaither is a wonderful asset to the science department and she is a wonderful example for all of her students. She has made a vast impact on many students, including me.