2nd Mile

Dr. Len Feuerhelm - Past Winner

Len Feuerhelm


Reason: I’d like to nominate Dr. Len Feuerhelm for the Second Mile Award. I had him for both Physics I and Physics II this school year, and he is, hands down, the best professor I have had at OC thus far.  He is clearly passionate about what he does and he goes the extra mile by going beyond just physics in the classroom.  He’ll discuss things going on in the world with us every Friday through his “Friday quizzes” and he has just always given me a different insight to things in life. Plus, he truly appears to care about his students truly learning in the classroom, and that’s something I haven’t always experienced with some other professors at OC. Also, he has always been eager to help out and encourage our pre-med club, Philiatros, on campus. Thanks!


Reason: He was an amazing Pac Rim sponsor. Great spiritual leader and budgets perfect. I would know firsthand experience. Pac Rim 05!


Reason: Not only is Dr. Feuerhelm an excellent teacher of his own class but he is always willing to assist with our problems in other classes. He does amazing things. For example, tonight he has taught class all day, had not had his dinner yet, but he still found the time to hold a Physics study session for us. It started at 9:00p.m. He got here early and didn’t leave until after 10:00. Not many teachers are willing to go that far to help out their students. I have recommended him to everyone I know as someone they should take a class with.

Reason: I would nominate Dr. Len Feuerhelm. He is always willing to make time to meet with his students if you don’t understand something. He always offers study sessions at night before we have tests for our benefit. He really cares about our understanding of the material. I feel like he is a great Christian man and role model. He is a good representative of what Oklahoma Christian is all about.

Reason: I would like to nominate Dr. Feuerhelm for the Second Mile Award. He is an amazing teacher who truly cares about his students. For every class, he puts hours of preparation in so we can get the most out of our class time. The class decided that the homework problems in our text book were not well written and very hard to understand, so Dr. Feuerhelm now looks through his many other books to find good homework problems. Then he works the odd problems out and sends us the answers so that we can make sure that we understand the problem. In everything that he does, it is the process not the answer that is important. Not only is Dr. Feuerhelm a fair and gracious professor, but he is also sets a Christian example. In today’s world the ‘intellectuals’ are those who do not believe in God or hold his morals as supreme in their lives. Dr. Feuerhelm on the other hand does. He is constantly quoting scripture to us that is both applicable and relevant to the time and place. He does not do this to prove his knowledge of scripture, but to remind us that in everything that we do, we need to keep God as head. Dr. Feuerhelm has extensive knowledge of his subject area and is enthusiastic about the material he teaches, but more importantly he is a professor who is caring and devoted to his student’s and their learning process. He is fair and gracious when dealing with students and he is a great Christian example.

Reason: Dr. Feuerhelm has helped his students both in and outside of class.  He is a constant encouragement to students at OC, and he always has a smile on his face.  Dr. Feuerhelm has gone above and beyond his duties this semester in helping us with some difficult classes, teachers, and situations.  He teaches us well, both in the classroom and through his life example.  Dr. Feuerhelm is a good Christian example and he deserves this award.

Reason: He makes sure our school has the best teachers for the students not just for the school and he also makes sure his students know how and what to study by putting in his own time for study session to allow us to ask extra questions and be prepared for his tests.  he is a good role model to look up to and i’ve learned a lot from him.

Reason: I firmly believe that no one else on campus deserves this award more than Dr. Feuerhelm.  He always goes above and beyond for the students and the school.  He is always available when needed for consultation outside of class.  He also is very personable during class and tries to have a good relationship with his students.  In doing this it makes a student feel very comfortable in class, thus making it easier to listen and learn.  In conclusion Dr. Feuerhelm does a lot for the students and for the school. I am confident that he should be the number one candidate for the Second Mile Award.

Reason: No one deserves this more than Dr. Feuerhelm. He is the best professor I have had at Oklahoma Christian. His door is always open to tutor, further explain concepts covered in class, and answer any questions. Dr. Feuerhelm cares for his students. When we are struggling or having a bad day, he is there asking us how we are and is willing to help solve the problem. He is also a Christian example for all his students. In class, he often makes reference to scripture and constantly challenges us with Bible trivia.

Dr. Feuerhelm is a fair, considerate, open, and caring professor. He goes the ‘Extra’ Mile for his students and is a Christian role model.

Reason: He is a great teacher and is always available for help outside of his classroom hours. He has been a big help in our organic chemistry II class this semester even though he doesn’t teach the class.

Reason: Dr. Feuerhelm is an excellent candidate for the Second Mile Award. He has a very busy academic schedule this semester, yet he still finds time to schedule help sessions for each of his classes when they are needed. He always makes time to talk with and advise students. Because of his leadership position in the faculty, he manages to take the time to address the issues of students and their parents who aren’t even enrolled in his classes. He has found a way to connect with students on a personal level. Not only that, but he has found a way to achieve the impossible…making physics class fun!

Reason: I have learned from Dr. Feuerhelm in two classes at OC and his teaching ability is exemplary.  But as this award is for those who show qualities that go above and beyond the requirements of faculty at OC.  He was happy to become my advisor on short notice when there were no chemistry professors avaliable.  He has made the effort to have casual conversations with me on multiple occasions, not related to classes.  This entire school year he has also organized the Friday afternoon film series on various scientific subjects.  This encourages students to become interested in learning simply for the sake of knowledge, and not for a grade.  I think Dr. Feuerhelm is a very appropriate candidate for the Second Mile Award.

Reason: Dr. Feuerhelm is an amazing instructor who takes teaching outside of the classroom.  He is always willing to help or lend advice, and you always know that he has your best interest in mind.  I have been constantly impressed not only by his instruction within the classroom, but also by the way he lives his life day to day.

Reason: Dr. Feuerhelm constantly goes out of his way to help his students and to make sure that we receive any help we need. There have been some sticky situations this semester that Dr. Feuerhelm has smoothed out with his kind demeanor and influential wisdom.

Reason: Dr. Feuerhelm has been an amazing help to many students this semester.  He has gone above and beyond his duties as a professor and department chair to listen to students’ concerns, offer advice, and genuinely work to improve the quality of our education and experience.  He is teaching 19 hours in addition to preparing for Pac Rim next semester and chairing the Chemistry & Physics Department. He still makes time to meet with any student, including those who are not in one of his classes, but have a concern with another in the department.  Many of us had a difficult time with a certain class for various reasons, and he has been incredibly patient, supportive, and understanding.  He has met with numerous parents in regards to this same situation.  Needless to say, Dr. Feuerhelm is an incredibly intelligent, talented individual who sincerely cares about students beyond his classroom.  OC is lucky to have him and he deserves our appreciation and thanks.

Reason: He does a lot for the students as far as helping them with problems they may encounter with classes or instructors. He is a wonderful teacher and most certainly goes the extra mile.

Reason: Dr. Feuerhelm always goes out of his way to help and goes the extra mile to make sure you understand the material. On top of teaching 19 hours and being department head he still makes time to have review sessions before our tests. But most importantly he serves as an excellent Christian role model. I can’t think of anyone who is more deserving of this award. Everyday Dr. Feuerhelm goes the second mile - without complaining! He does it willingly; it’s just the kind of man he is.

Reason: I have him for a night class after he has been teaching all day he is still does an excellent job instructing us.  He is still in a cheerful mood after a long day and does his best to explain the material.  He tells the best jokes!

Reason: He goes above and beyond. He’s an excellent Christian role model, an awesome teacher, and just plain, nice guy.

Reason: I felt that as a teacher he really cared about helping the students as best he could so that they could succeed in his class. I also felt that he is a very good Christian role model.

Reason: Dr. Feuerhelm always goes above and beyond in his dedication to teaching his students.  I have had few professors that are as talented in their teaching methods and also as committed to their students.  Dr. Feuerhelm shows this in many ways, one of which is to conduct study sessions before every test outside of class, sacrificing his own personal time so that his students might have a greater opportunity to learn under his guidance.  I have never had any other teacher offer to go to that extreme in offering their help and it is for many other similar reasons that i think Dr. Feuerhelm would be a great ambassador of the 2nd mile award.

Reason: I would like to nominate Dr. Len Feuerhelm for the Second Mile Award.  Not only is he an excellent teacher, but he is also a positive role model as an individual.  Not only is he concerned about you as his student, he is always caring and asking how you are doing in other classes.  He is always concerned about helping his students and provides study sessions late at night so they will fit into most students’ schedules.  He often helps students on other subject matters that he doesn’t teach.  Dr. Len Feuerhelm makes it a point to personally know each student as an individual.  Last, but not least, he always smiles and gives you the confidence to overcome problems whether they are in class or obstacles of everyday life.