2nd Mile

Lisa Carroll

Lisa Carroll


Reason: I would like to nominate Mrs. Lisa Carroll for the 2nd Mile Award.  I have observed Mrs. Carroll’s involvement in the lives of the students in the honors program/dorm over this past year, and am convinced she is habitually going the second mile to be a blessing to those around her.  Mrs. Carroll has ministered to our family personally in a number of ways.  She has had us over for meals and games. Unasked, she baked a batch of cookies for me to serve a bunch of young people who were coming to visit our family over the Thanksgiving holiday, when she herself was busy beyond belief that same week!  She has taken me, my children, and our entire family out for meals at Taco Bueno on her lunch hour and ALWAYS insists on paying for it all herself.  She has personally gotten involved in the lives of my son and daughter, knowing that we (her parents) usually live on the other side of the world.  She has been a surrogate parent to our kids, in providing advice—and has even allowed our kids to store things at her house during the breaks when they are required to be out of the dorm.  Not only that, Lisa and her husband have opened their home to house my daughter next year in order to help her save on her schooling expenses!  This heart of helpfulness, however, is not limited to our family.  Lisa has also spent time counseling and encouraging at least one honors student who had been thinking of dropping out of the program because of the stress it involves.  This was more than a one time “counseling” hour. She also hires students whom she knows could use a few bucks when there is work to be done. In addition, she thinks of ways to be a blessing with the tools and resources that are available to her.  I could continue to sing Lisa’s praises, so let me just add just one more.  Lisa Carroll helped co-facilitate a women’s Bible study over at Memorial Road Church of Christ this fall.  She was faithful, along with her co-leader, to contact the ladies via email weekly, and she bent over backwards to assist ladies to get a chance to view the teaching video if they happened to miss out on the study that week.  I am inspired and blessed by the “second miling” of Mrs. Lisa Carroll who is always busy with work-related things but still bends over backwards for others. And even if she doesn’t win this award of recognition, I know that someday in heaven the crown that she throws at the feet of Jesus is going to be jewel-studded and beautiful because of her labors of love.


Lisa is a long time employee of OC and has been selfless and service minded in all of the “hats” she has worn on this campus. 
Lisa is an alumnus, and she and her husband, Mike, have sent their children, Jonathan, Colin, and James, to OC, where they each have been admirable students, and very involved.

Lisa is the Administrative Assistant for the Honors program, currently, and continues to make a positive and pleasant difference for the people she works with and students she serves in that department, and on the campus. 
She works easily and earnestly with all of the faculty and staff and does whatever, seriously, whatever she can to make any project or current task easier for those she is working alongside. 

One of the most admirable attributes of Lisa is her dedication to the students at OC, in general.  While the most direct contact she has is with students of the dept she works with, she has been of service at any time of the day or night to many students who simply needed tender loving care or TIME.  She prefers anonymity, but I think she certainly deserves to be recognized as one of the blessings at OC.


Reason: I would like to nominate LISA CARROLL who is the Office Manager for the Art+Design Department:

-Each year she sends out the call for entries, receives the work, gets the medals and trophies produced, and organizes the awards presentation for the Brass Ring Awards. This year we had close to 900 entries from 10 High Schools and 16 universities.
-Each year she organizes our end of the year banquet and senior presentations. The banquet attracts over 100 students, 8 judges from the advertising industry, 4 judges from the interior design industry, and 50 parents and teachers.
-Many students go to her to get direction on their Fall and Spring schedules.
-She maintains the Mac Lab.
-She assists in the reception for each of the 5 gallery shows we have each year.
-She oversees the department budget and Brass Ring budget.
-She oversees the recruiting - recording prospects, sending them material, ensuring new students get their Art+Design scholarship.
-She reviews the schedule each semester to make sure there are no conflicts and that courses are in the classes that maximize the learning process.
-She assists in ordering supplies for painting, printmaking, drawing, etc.
-She oversees 3 work-study students.


Reason: I would like to nominate Lisa Carroll for the “Second Mile” award. I have never known such a helpful person! Not only does she keep the Art/Design Department running smoothly, she also manages to find time to help any student who asks her with the task of organizing their schedules for the next semester. The amount of work that this woman does is extraordinary and she manages to do it all extremely efficiently. Ask any of the Art/Design faculty and they will tell you what a valuable asset she is to our department. Ask any of the students and they will tell you how friendly and helpful she is; she always has time to listen. Lisa Carroll really is a woman with a servant’s heart and that is why I believe that she is deserving of this award. Thanks.