2nd Mile

Neil Arter

Neil Arter Image


Reason: Neil Arter is arguably the hardest worker on campus.  He is dedicated to the mission of Oklahoma Christian University and exemplifies perfectly the values and ideals of the OC Graduate.  He is selfless in his determination and dedication to help make OC a better place.  He thinks outside the box and constantly challenges himself and his employees and the students to be innovative and forward thinking.

Neil Arter makes himself available day or night, rain or shine, in sickness and in health!  The students respect him, his employees admire him, and the University treasures him.  He is transparent, loyal, positive, and passionate.  Neil is everyman:  He is the trash man, the repair man, the furniture man, the host, the husband, the father, the father-figure, the Dean, the confidant, the grill master, and the glow-stick man.

In our opinion there is no one more deserving of the coveted Second-Mile award.


Reason: My nomination is Neil Arter - for his dedication to his job, the Oklahoma Christian University student body and for always doing more than is expected.

Reason: I vote Neil because he is super caring, and loves the students and the University. I heard he has never won, and I think it’s time he does. He always goes the extra mile to show a friendly attitude, give a helping hand and share with students. He takes a lot of flack from some students throughout the year and still is happy, and a strong leader and role model. He is always around, so he is very easy to get a hold of if needed. He opens up his house to students many times throughout the year. He also brings his family to events at OC; showing that even when he is “off the clock” he still chooses to be on campus. He is someone that relates to students and listens, and in turn he helps give the student body a voice that can be heard. Neil is always going the second mile, everyday, for everyone.


Reason: Neil has an amazing way of dealing with students. He tries and to meet the needs of any student that comes in his path. Neil works many hours of overtime each day to insure that a student or the student body is being taken care of. He relates very well to the students and shows them he wants and expects the best from them.

Reason: I understand that a Dean of Students is supposed to be with the students, but Neil makes an extra effort to be a friend and spiritual example for the students. He and Joni led the hurricane relief trip to Texas. He drove the entire trip, stayed up late, got up early, and had a great attitude all along.  Neil also welcomes students into his home and tries to meet their needs.

Reason: Neil goes above and beyond everyday to make student’s lives here at OC more enjoyable and better. He does a lot of behind the scenes work and I believe he deserves recognition for such as I have never seen him recognized for his hard work.


Reason: Neil is involved in many aspects of campus.  He works with chapel, housing, student problems, students successes, & student discipline.  In addition, he is on campus day and night for activities and events.  He even served as cheerleader sponsor this year because there was a need.  That alone would constitute a second mile commitment.