2nd Mile

Dr. Tony Alley - Winner Spring 2007

Tony Alley Image


Reason: Tony Alley of the art and design department is by far my biggest hero.  he is the most influential person in my life be it my education or religious fulfillment.  he cares more about us than any person has ever, and he makes sure to tell us whenever possible.  he is always encouraging us and working with us to bring us to understand what he teaches as well as how what he teaches applies to life and future jobs.  he never stops encouraging us and taking our problems over his own (even though his own well exceed ours).

Reason: He worked 60 hour weeks in the fall as interim department chair and never complained. 

Absolutely amazing Christian example.  Even in the toughest of times he cares about others first.  His first statement in the office or when seeing someone is “What can I do to help you.”

He is probably the favorite teacher in our dept. and one of the favorites on campus because he truly cares about each student.

Kept teaching and working even during the darkest days of his chemo and radiation.

Reason: Dr. Alley has always gone far beyond his duty of a teacher and advisor. Of all the faculty in the art department, he has been by far the most helpful to my education. His caring, positive attitude makes each student feel important and relevant. If a student has a question concerning a project, or even something else outside of class, Dr. Alley will always take the time to answer that question. However, beyond just answering the question, he explains or even shows the student first hand via a computer program the answer to their question, so that they learn! Numerous times, he’s helped me with school projects, work related projects, and has invested time with me as my student advisor discussing personal issues that have concerned me. In fact, I’ve even known other students who are not assigned as his advisees who have gone to him regarding enrollment help. Alley’s the teacher that people wish they had for an advisor!

Dr. Alley is one of those teachers who builds trusting relationships between his students and in the classroom. Students excel under his teaching, because they are not afraid to ask for help. It’s always about learning in his class. And there are no stupid questions.
Besides the wonderful relationship with his students and classes, Dr. Alley’s diagnosis of cancer has show his dedication even more! Despite the bad news and his current situation, he still spends a lot of time at school and in his office, available for students’ council.
Dr. Alley has certainly gone above and beyond as a teacher at Oklahoma Christian. He needs to be recognized now for his longer than ‘second mile’.

Reason: I nominate Dr. Tony Alley. Although I do not have a class with him, he deserves this award. Every time I see him he smiles and says hello. I know he is going through such a tough time, but I still see him at school everyday on my way too class. He has such a positive attitude and he does not give up easily. He is a good candidate for this award.

Reason: Dr. Alley is an amazing teacher. He is always there to help whenever we need him to. Even if it means taking time out of his day and staying late to help us with a project even if its not for his class. He encourages us to do our best and is there to do whatever he needs to to help us get there. He is a great man and he deserves this award.


Reason: Dr. Alley is one of the most caring and helpful teachers I know. He is always genuinely interested in you and whatever you are working on. No matter what he is working on if you have a question for you, he will come and help you out.  He stays late every night just to make sure nobody else needs any help. He is also a great spiritual example. He has led prayer in class on several occasions and asked for prayer requests. He is also always considered about how we are doing health and stress wise. Dr. Alley is just an amazing teacher and truly deserves this recognition. He has a lot on his plate, but he always finds time for his students!!!

Reason: I’ve seen Tony Alley stay after office hours to help students (including myself) numerous times. His spirit of helping combined with his knowledge and expertise is a wonderful contribution to our campus!


Reason: I would like to nominate Tony Alley for this award. He is always asking how he can help us and is always looking out for his student’s best interests. He not only cares about us in the classroom but makes it clear that he is available at any time if we need him for anything. He even told us that if someone didn’t have a place to go for Thanksgiving to email him and he would take care of us. His love for his job, his students, and God is apparent through his everyday actions and he definitely is always going the second mile.

Reason: Tony Ally deserves this award because he is always making sure we are doing okay. He not only cares about the work we do, but the rest of our lives. He is aware and wants to be involved; you can always talk to him. When it comes to teaching he is more excited than we are, his spirit and encouragement keeps us going through this rather tough subject to grasp. Not only that but he encourages us to think outside the box, he gives credit where it is due, he wants us to try something new learn something because that’s when he learns.