2nd Mile

About The Second Mile

In Matthew 5, the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus encourages his followers " If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles." The faculty and staff at Oklahoma Christian strive to always go the Second Mile in service to our students.

The Second Mile program began in the Fall of 2003 to encourage the "Second Mile" attittude at Oklahoma Christian University. Since the program began, we have found that faculty and staff needed little encouragement to give more  - to go the Second Mile. Faculty and staff were already working long hours, staying late for tutorial sessions, opening their homes and showing that they care deeply for our students.

The Second Mile program recognizes those faculty and staff who have committed to go even further - far above and beyond expectations in service to students.

Two recipients are selected each year from hundreds of nominations and the winners are announced at the annual spring dinner.

The current selection committee includes:

Coordinator (non-voting) - Kerri Cunningham

Staff Representative - Amy Gower

Staff Representative - Lyle Campbell

Staff Representative - Cynthia Helmuth

Faculty Representative - JJ Compton

Faculty Association President - Leann Paris

Faculty Representative - Kathy Thompson

Mary Watson - Student representative - SGA Vice President

Natalie Howard - Student Representative - SGA President