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Originally hailing from Saskatchewan, Canada, Stephen now calls Oklahoma City home. He works at Oklahoma Christian University as a web designer. Some people call him crazy, but he prefers to be called "eccentric" because it makes him sound rich.

"Death by Ballpoint" does not refer to killing people with ballpoint pens. It refers to Stephen's love of all things creative, much as "Death by Chocolate" refers to a love of chocolate.

The views expressed in "Death By Ballpoint" are not necessarily shared by anyone in the world, including Stephen's employer (Please don't fire me, OC - I love you).

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

QR Code Bookmarklet

QR This Page’s Address

Drag the above link to your bookmarks bar. When you click on it later, it will generate a QR code for whatever page you’re on that can be read by an iPhone or other cell phone, and save you the trouble of manually typing the address into your phone.

Update: Someone already made a better version of this last April.  I should Google before I post these things.

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