Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Weekend Retreat:

We had the opportunity to get together with a bunch of IC students for the weekend. The weekend stated with a traditional Japanese BBQ, and a time of fellowship. The food was awesome and very filling.

After dinner we got together and played a game that was very challenging for us because we were not aloud to talk to each other. They game was like Spades with a twist everyone was given a different set of rules for the game. After the game Batton Sensei told us that when you are in a different culture you need to be aware that people have a different set of rules which they live by.

The next morning we had the opportunity to see a Japanese sunrise, but I was so tired from staying up late I didn’t get up.

That morning was a special time for us Pac Rim group because one of our own deiced to get baptized while at the coast. McKayla Brooks was baptized on Saturday October 2nd around 9:00am. So congratulations to McKayla, our new sister in Christ.

I thought that this was a great way to end an awesome fun filled weekend.