Wednesday, October 06, 2004


After a few weeks of non-stop traveling we finally got a few rest days in Tokyo. While in there we were required to see a few sites such as the Imperial Palace, and the Miji Shrine both very beautiful and really old.
The Imperial Palace is where the Emperor and his family still live. The Emperor has no power in Japan but the people love him so they keep him as a diplomat. The Imperial Palace has a huge garden that we visited.
The other place we went was to the Miji Shrine. This Shine is a very holy place to the Japanese. The place is surrounded by trees and feels like you are walking into a forest.
In Tokyo we stayed at a youth hostel which was on the 18th floor which gave us an awesome view of the city.
One night I ended up playing cards with people from Israel, Italy, Switzerland, Scotland, and US. I will always remember this night because even though we were not all the same and didn’t always understand what each other said, we still had a great time and laughed a ton.

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