Monday, October 04, 2004

Golden Pavilion and Nijo Castle:

I really enjoyed this day because we were able to see a city that has a ton of history and Japanese culture. Both these site are in the city of Kyoto which was the capital of Japan from 794 until 1868. During WWII it was saved from being bombed because it was considered a point of significant world heritage.

The Golden Pavilion was one of the most peaceful and beautiful places we visited. The Pavilion is the center point of the grounds. While there we were able to sit and take in everything.

The other place we visited while in Kyoto was Nijo castle. It felt like I was going back in time with the huge castle walls and the moat surrounding the castle.  As we walked through the castle it was very peaceful. The Japanese built a huge garden with a stream going through the castle.

Overall the city of Kyoto is a very modern city with a ton of culture and history. It was a great day and glad that we were able to experience this city.

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