Wednesday, September 29, 2004

OC/Cascade Pac-Rimmers loses a heart breaker: Danny Kratzer

imageHubei University of Economics takes its foreign soccer matches very seriously. This morning we were each presented with our own school jerseys and shorts for the afternoon soccer game. OC boasts an enrollment of (fill in the blank); today over 2000 students of the Hubei University of Economics came out in the 90+ degree weather to see us play their soccer team. We are all out of shape and only two of us have ever played competitive soccer before, yet with the amazing skills of MVP Adam Potter in goal we managed to keep the score to 0-3. After an exhausting game everyone still had a smile on their face; and even though we couldn’t speak with our opponents, everyone felt honored to be able to play with each other.

ChinaParticipantsAdam PotterCasey WhiteChristopher VernerDaniel KratzerIsaac MagosJacob BarnesJonathan SchulzJordan AlexanderKent BreseePermalink
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