Saturday, September 04, 2004

The Journey Starts

Our journey has begun. We left Oklahoma Christian University at 5:45am on August, 27 2004. Arrived at Will Rogers Airport and that is where John Osborne and Nancy Moran (Travel Agent) met up with all of us and helped us get through the ticket counter. 

Then we left for Salt Lake City where we would connect with our next flight to Los Angles. Our Final flight will be from LA to Narita, Japan. Once we landed in Narita, we went through customs just fine, but baggage claim was another thing. Chris Verner’s Luggage got misplaced in between Narita and Oklahoma. Total amount of flying on the first day of travel is 6881 miles!

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  1. I have a niece who wants to travel abroad and study computer science and web design. I was wondering if you felt your experience was safe and how do people treat Americans in general.


    Posted by Brad Peterson  on  02/10  at  05:51 PM
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