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Monday, September 27, 2004

Up the Yangtze with out a Paddle:

We spent 3 days traveling up the Yangtze River in China. It is a very beautiful and scenic part of China. One of the most interesting parts of our trip was the trip to the three Gorges.
While on the boat I think most of our group got a true sense of the Chinese culture. We were the only westerners and there was not a single western toilet! The trip truly pushed some of us out of our comfort zone. We took a two night boat ride up the Yangtze River and a trip through the Three Gorges.

This was one of the most beautiful canyons I have ever visited. It was a very peaceful boat ride for me and I was really glad that we were able to experience this part of China.

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We Have Internet - Yeah!!!!

Well, after spending a total of around four hours with the Ibaraki Christian College tech people I was able to set up my computer and start loading up blog entries.  You can expect entries on a more regular basis now. Thanks for being patient. I will start up loading Smugmug photos this week too.

Always Here,
PS. If you have any questions email me .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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