Should I Prepare to Preach?

Mar 19 2014

God does not expect everyone to present lessons from the pulpit.  But He does expect some of us to choose that for our ministry.  How do we know if we are in that group?  Here are some thoughts that might help you answer that question for yourself.

  1. How concerned am I about helping people go to heaven? The Bible describes people who are without Christ as being lost.  Jesus said, “Except you believe that I am he, you shall die in your sins” (John 8:24). Do you feel a sense of urgency to help people believe in Jesus so they can have eternal life with Him?
  2. What do I do well?   Can you help a friend answer a Bible question?  Do you sometimes speak up when the teacher asks a question in a Bible class? Are you able to work with people to get things done?  Can you lead a public prayer and read the Bible in church?  Are you able to make a talk about a Bible topic in class? The answers to these questions will tell you how your skills might be developing toward becoming a minister.
  3. How willing are you to undertake training to be a preacher? While a person could learn to be an effective preacher without studying with anyone else, it is far more likely that you can develop your ability to preach where you can take classes from experienced preachers and good Bible students and where you can get some practice. Like training to do anything else which requires a well-developed skill set, preaching requires preparation—preparation in studying the Bible, preparation in developing and presenting sermons, preparation in dealing with difficult spiritual questions, and preparation in working with people.
  4. Do you believe you are called to preach?  The Bible does not teach that people have a “miraculous” experience or see a GP (go preach) spelled out in the clouds.  It does teach, however, that God gives the skills and opportunities that lead us toward a variety of ways to serve Him.  Is your interest in knowing more about the Bible growing? Are people encouraging you to preach? Are you sensing that preaching is the best way you might use yourself in the kingdom?  Do circumstances seem to be propelling you in that direction?  All of these things represent God’s way to move you toward preaching.
  5. Are you aware that there is a great need for public proclaimers of the word? In recent years, fewer young men have chosen to prepare for pulpit ministry.  More churches are finding it difficult to find qualified men to fill their pulpit. Knowing that there is a shortage of preachers may propel you toward deciding to help fill that need.


So, as you are thinking about your future in God’s work, considering questions like these can help you to consider how God wants you to serve Him.

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Preaching is a vocation that demands one welcome and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you through your preperation and delivery Often I have prepared a sermon on paper, rehearsed and as I started my sermon at the pulpit the Holy Spirit would lead me down another path. When I allow this to happen the message seems to hit home and resonate with the congregation. One must be diligent and careful to preach the honest word of God. Paul states that a teacher will be judged harder. The responsibility of a Pastor is a life and death matter and must be taken seriously with an attitude of service and obedience.

Posted by Bill Bennett  on  07/26/2014  at  10:00 PM

I would add one more question to the list above, which is a very good list. The question is, can you do anything else? I believe full time ministers ought to be folks who can’t imagine their life any other way. If you can settle for ministry as a part time service, that’s nothing to be ashamed of. However, if you have a passion for full time ministry that cannot be squelched, follow it.

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