Man of God for March 2014

Mar 19 2014

Occasionally, Oklahoma Christian University puts out a newsletter called Man of God, sent primarily to young men who have indicated an interest in preaching.  We build our list from various places but always are looking for more names of those who have an interest in preaching.  Many of the articles in Man of God, of course, are good for those going into any type of ministry. 

We are sending this issue of Man of God to a wide range of people and churches hoping to get more names and email addresses of high school students, freshmen through seniors, who might be considering the ministry.  Having their email address will allow us to send this newsletter directly to them.   We also publicize Summer Camps for those Planning to Preach, so if you have a camp planned for the summer, please let us know so we can help get the word out.  Please send names of students considering ministry or preaching camp information to

We also hope you will share this newsletter with young men in your congregation who are thinking about working in ministry.  AND IF YOU ARE A YOUNG MAN WHO IS CONSIDERING MINISTRY AND ARE NOT ON OUR MAILING LIST, PLEASE SEND YOUR NAME TO US SO WE CAN ADD YOU.

There are some interesting and informative articles in this issue about beautiful feet, should I prepare to preach, and “word study” in the Bible.  And there is a fun quiz.  Check it out.

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