Beautiful Feet

Mar 19 2014

by Stafford North

In Romans 10:15, Paul says that those who bring good news have beautiful feet.  If you are thinking about being a preacher someday, look down at your feet. Are they beautiful? You may have poorly shaped toes or strange looking toenails.  You may be wearing some old sneakers or some shoes that need polishing.  If this is the case, can you still be a preacher?

The question is silly, of course, because we all know that Paul is not really talking about the actual appearance of someone’s feet.  But what does he mean? He is quoting from a passage in Isaiah 52:7.  There the prophet is in the midst of a message which speaks about God bringing the Jews from Babylonian captivity back to their homeland of Israel.

So imagine that you have been born during the time the Jews were in captivity in Babylon which lasted seventy years. You have been in captivity in this foreign land all of your twenty years.  You have never seen the homeland of the Jews which you have heard people speak about all of your life.  You know that God sent His people into captivity to teach them the lesson that they are not to wander after idols and forsake Him, but the stories about the Land of Israel have made you long to be able to go back to where your ancestors lived for so long.

Then one day comes someone running through the streets shouting, “We can return to home.  King Cyrus has said we can go back.”  This message thrills your heart and you rush to ask the person more questions. “Is it really true? When can we start back?” As he shares the information you hug him and shout “Praise the Lord, praise the Lord.”

Later that day, you are talking excitedly with your friends about the messenger who brought the news. As you recall his running through the streets shouting the message, you say, “I thought his feet were beautiful.” Because his message was beautiful, his feet that brought him to you were beautiful.

Now Paul’s application.  If the message about the return from Babylon to their homeland was great news, how much greater news is the message that sinners can be forgiven and look forward to going to heaven.  Since the work of preachers is to bring that good news, they truly have beautiful feet.

The church today needs more young men who are willing to prepare to be preachers of the Word.  Just this week I have heard of more than a dozen churches looking for preachers. Sharing the gospel brings the opportunity to bring the most important message ever heard to thousands of people during a minister’s time of service.  The message he brings is far more important than the word of return from captivity in Babylon.  It is the message of release from the bondage of sin with the hope of eternal life in heaven with God.

The prospect of being one with such beautiful feet to so many people during your lifetime should make you think seriously about giving your life to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world.

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Posted by Stephy  on  09/16/2017  at  04:09 AM

I have never heard this part explained so well. The insurance of the kingdom of heaven puts earthly happenings in perspective.

Posted by Jay  on  09/23/2017  at  06:56 AM