Man of God for March 2014

Mar 19 2014

Occasionally, Oklahoma Christian University puts out a newsletter called Man of God, sent primarily to young men who have indicated an interest in preaching.  We build our list from various places but always are looking for more names of those who have an interest in preaching.  Many of the articles in Man of God, of course, are good for those going into any type of ministry. 

We are sending this issue of Man of God to a wide range of people and churches hoping to get more names and email addresses of high school students, freshmen through seniors, who might be considering the ministry.  Having their email address will allow us to send this newsletter directly to them.   We also publicize Summer Camps for those Planning to Preach, so if you have a camp planned for the summer, please let us know so we can help get the word out.  Please send names of students considering ministry or preaching camp information to

We also hope you will share this newsletter with young men in your congregation who are thinking about working in ministry.  AND IF YOU ARE A YOUNG MAN WHO IS CONSIDERING MINISTRY AND ARE NOT ON OUR MAILING LIST, PLEASE SEND YOUR NAME TO US SO WE CAN ADD YOU.

There are some interesting and informative articles in this issue about beautiful feet, should I prepare to preach, and “word study” in the Bible.  And there is a fun quiz.  Check it out.

Beautiful Feet

Mar 19 2014

by Stafford North

In Romans 10:15, Paul says that those who bring good news have beautiful feet.  If you are thinking about being a preacher someday, look down at your feet. Are they beautiful? You may have poorly shaped toes or strange looking toenails.  You may be wearing some old sneakers or some shoes that need polishing.  If this is the case, can you still be a preacher?

The question is silly, of course, because we all know that Paul is not really talking about the actual appearance of someone’s feet.  But what does he mean? He is quoting from a passage in Isaiah 52:7.  There the prophet is in the midst of a message which speaks about God bringing the Jews from Babylonian captivity back to their homeland of Israel.

So imagine that you have been born during the time the Jews were in captivity in Babylon which lasted seventy years. You have been in captivity in this foreign land all of your twenty years.  You have never seen the homeland of the Jews which you have heard people speak about all of your life.  You know that God sent His people into captivity to teach them the lesson that they are not to wander after idols and forsake Him, but the stories about the Land of Israel have made you long to be able to go back to where your ancestors lived for so long.

Then one day comes someone running through the streets shouting, “We can return to home.  King Cyrus has said we can go back.”  This message thrills your heart and you rush to ask the person more questions. “Is it really true? When can we start back?” As he shares the information you hug him and shout “Praise the Lord, praise the Lord.”

Later …


Should I Prepare to Preach?

Mar 19 2014

God does not expect everyone to present lessons from the pulpit.  But He does expect some of us to choose that for our ministry.  How do we know if we are in that group?  Here are some thoughts that might help you answer that question for yourself.

  1. How concerned am I about helping people go to heaven? The Bible describes people who are without Christ as being lost.  Jesus said, “Except you believe that I am he, you shall die in your sins” (John 8:24). Do you feel a sense of urgency to help people believe in Jesus so they can have eternal life with Him?
  2. What do I do well?   Can you help a friend answer a Bible question?  Do you sometimes speak up when the teacher asks a question in a Bible class? Are you able to work with people to get things done?  Can you lead a public prayer and read the Bible in church?  Are you able to make a talk about a Bible topic in class? The answers to these questions will tell you how your skills might be developing toward becoming a minister.
  3. How willing are you to undertake training to be a preacher? While a person could learn to be an effective preacher without studying with anyone else, it is far more likely that you can develop your ability to preach where you can take classes from experienced preachers and good Bible students and where you can get some practice. Like training to do anything else which requires a well-developed skill set, preaching requires preparation—preparation in studying the Bible, preparation in developing and presenting sermons, preparation in dealing with difficult spiritual questions, and preparation in working with people.
  4. Do you believe you are called to preach?  The Bible does not teach that …


Quiz for the Fun of It

Mar 19 2014

Check your Bible knowledge by taking the quiz below.  Each question asks who did something.  When you pick your answers, look below to see if you were correct.

  1. I defeated a large army with only 300 men.
    1. Samuel
    2. Gideon
    3. Solomon
    4. Isaiah
    5. Ididit
  1. I was sick and three friends came to see me.
    1. Joel
    2. Jael
    3. Joab
    4. Joash
    5. Job
  1. I spoke on behalf of Paul to get him accepted by the brethren.
    1. Barnabas
    2. Peter
    3. John
    4. Luke
    5. James
  1. I was on an island when the Lord appeared to me.
    1. Isaiah
    2. Jeremiah
    3. John
    4. Matthew
    5. Paul
  1. I saw a vision of Jesus who told me to go tell a man how to be saved.
    1. Silas
    2. Timothy
    3. Titus
    4. Ananias
    5. Dorcas


Answers: 1. b; 2. e; 3. a; 4. c; 5. d. 

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