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The Strange Story of a German Exchange Student

by Clyde Antwine

(Clyde and Gwen Antwine were missionaries to Germany and Switzerland for many years and for the last twenty-five years have been missionaries-in-residence at Oklahoma Christian University.  They help to oversee the Helpers in Missions [HIM] Program which is under the oversight of the Memorial Road Church of Christ.  Each year they travel around the world to visit HIM workers and to further mission work in Germany.)

Summer before last, during our annual trip to Germany, we met a lady and her two sons in Dresden.  She had been contacted through the Let’s Start Talking program and was reading the Bible with Kendra Paris, a HIM worker in Dresden.  Since then, the woman and her two sons have been regularly assembling with the church three. 

This past May we were told that the younger son, Ben, who was sixteen, would be spending the school year in Houston.  It all sounded good, but little could any of us have imagined what was about to happen.

Ben came to New York City for a three-day orientation and then, as he was in the process of boarding his plane to Houston,  Ben was told that his host family had rescinded their invitation for him to stay in their home.  Imagine the shock!  A temporary home was found, but Ben needed a home somewhere and a high school to attend.  Our son, who lives in Houston, did what he could, but the time was too short.  If something were not found quickly, Ben would be forced to return to Germany.

A plan was then set in motion for Ben to come our way. We made arrangements through Jason Garner, Chairmen of the Board of Oklahoma Christian Academy in Edmond, Oklahoma, along with Brandon Tatum, President, for Ben to attend that Christian school, but then a home had to be found.  Phil Brookman, minister at the Memorial Road Church of Christ, sent out word to the parents of teens at the church asking if anyone would be willing to take a student here from Germany—and on very short notice. Bill and Amy Arbuckle, faithful members at Memorial Road stepped forward and agreed to take Ben into their home.  But now comes the best part.  Last Saturday, through the good influence of many, Ben made the decision to put on Christ in baptism, and is now our brother.

Isn’t it amazing how God works?  Different ones have had a part in this decision, but ultimately the praise belongs to God.

Posted on January 07th, 2014

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