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The Good News is a monthly report of effective ways congregations among churches of Christ in the United States are spreading the Word in their communities.

Please read all of these "good news" stories to find good ideas for your church to use.

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Spanish Congregations in Oklahoma Have Good Seminars

Spanish Congregations

Recently two groups of Spanish congregations in Oklahoma had activities to enjoy fellowship, study together, and to reach out to others. The first one took place in Tulsa the last weekend in April of 2013.  Spanish congregations meeting at the Lewis Avenue and Park Plaza Churches of Christ hosted at Park Plaza a seminar from Thursday through Sunday with the theme of “The Great ‘I Am.’”  About 250 Christians from twelve different congregations were present for the event.

In November, the Edmond Church of Christ held its fifth Area-Wide Campaign for Spanish speaking churches of Christ in the area.  These times “are a great opportunity for outreach and a wonderful time of Christian fellowship” said David Waldo, a deacon with the Edmond church.

In 2009, the Edmond congregation held its first Area-Wide Campaign.  ‘In 2010, three Iglesias de Cristo in Oklahoma held campaigns thought the year, and by 2013, there were six Area-Wide Campaigns in Oklahoma.  In addition to the worship times and preaching, a typical campaign also includes door-knocking in the neighborhood of the host congregation the weekend before the event.  Each host congregation plans its own event, including the theme, times, and guest speaker.  Usually the even includes a big fellowship meal and classes for the children.

Posted on January 07th, 2014

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