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The Good News is a monthly report of effective ways congregations among churches of Christ in the United States are spreading the Word in their communities.

Please read all of these "good news" stories to find good ideas for your church to use.

The Good News is one of the many ways in which Oklahoma Christian University serves churches.

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Quick Looks at Good News

Here are four short items of good news from four continents.

Lima, Peru
In August, the church in Lima launched a preacher training school with twelve students and a few more will join them to take regular classes for about a two-year program to be held every Saturday afternoon.  This program will be for those not able to attend a full-time Bible institute.

In July, Christians in Scotland conducted their annual program at Camp Heatherbell.  They had thirty-eight children and twenty others for the ten day session.  The students studied about God’s love for us and our responsibility to rely on His will for our lives. 

In September, 350 gathered in Crimea, near the Black Sea to hear the Word of God, to grow spiritually, and to enjoy Christian fellowship with other believers.  Sasha Prokochuk directed the seminar.  The main topic was “The Lord is My Shepherd” and six were baptized during the conference.

On October 13, the church of Christ in Clinton, Tennessee, celebrated their seventieth anniversary.  The church began primarily as result of people moving to the area to work on the Manhattan Project which developed the atomic bomb.  Now there are eight congregations in Anderson County.

Posted on October 18th, 2013

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