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The Good News is a monthly report of effective ways congregations among churches of Christ in the United States are spreading the Word in their communities.

Please read all of these "good news" stories to find good ideas for your church to use.

The Good News is one of the many ways in which Oklahoma Christian University serves churches.

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Good News in October is from All Over the World

The October issue of Good News tells of wonderful things happening on four major continents of the world:  Partners in Progress in Asia, a North American church in Oklahoma, a phone call to the U. S. from China about someone in Poland, baptisms in Brazil, and short items from Peru, Scotland, Tennessee, and Crimea.  Take a look to learn of good things happening all over the world!

Spread this Good News newsletter to others by forwarding it to your email list or to those you know on Facebook.  Churches can spread Good News by sending it to those on their church email list.  Encourage others by sharing this issue of Good News.

Posted on October 18th, 2013

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