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Coincidence or Providence?

by Stafford North

Late on Thursday night, Oct. 10, I received a phone call from an Oklahoma Christian alumnus who has lived in China more than ten years so he can share about the Bible when he can.  A couple he had known in China had moved to Warsaw, Poland, and were having a problem renting an apartment because of their inability to speak Polish.  He called to see if I knew of anyone in the church at Warsaw who might help them.

I called a couple who had lived in Warsaw for several years, but was now back in the United States to see whom they might recommend.  They gave me the name of a woman they thought could help and I relayed her phone number to the man in China.  He called her on Skype to see if she would help and, as he saw her face, he thought she looked familiar to him. After they checked through several possibilities, it turned out that the man in China had known the woman’s father when they were both attending Bear Valley Bible Institute.  Thus, he had known the woman when she was a girl growing up.  Of course, she agreed to help.

Small world, especially in the Lord’s church.

Posted on October 18th, 2013

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