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Baptisms from Theology Classes in Brazil

Baptisms in Brazil

Reported by Allen Dutton

We have begun our theology classes again this semester.  We are looking forward to having a great group of students.  This time we are having two different theology groups.  One meets at the Guanabara church building and the other meets in a city called Cosmopolis.  It is about 30 miles north of Campinas.  It has 64,000 people and only two Christians.  God blessed our efforts and we began with 37 students.  Please pray that God will continue to bless us.  Last week we had 43 in class.  It was a very important class.  The subject was God’s plan of salvation.  The class meets in a warehouse owned by one of the Christians that lives there.  He has set up the place very nicely and bought 30 plastic chairs to be used in the study.  I had the opportunity to go to a local radio station and speak for thirty minutes about the theology classes.  At the end of our talk the director of the program asked me to lead a prayer.  What a great opportunity this was.  Already we have had one baptism as a result of this class.
We have been blessed again by growth.  God continues to give us the increase.  In the last eight days we have had nine baptisms.  Sunday a week ago, Mateus, Alisson’s son was baptized.  He is 12 years old and you can imagine how emotional his father one of our ministers, when he baptized him.  It was a great Sunday. 

Preaching in Brazil

Also last Monday at the end of the theology class at Guanabara two young men, Daniel and Israel, gave their life to Jesus through baptism.  It was impressive to see the whole group of students witness this important decision.  And yesterday during worship service we had 6 baptisms.  What a blessed day it was.  I baptized Leonardo and Tatiane, a young couple that I am going to marry at the end of the year.  Alisson baptized Diogo and Andressa, another young couple that he is going to marry at the end of the year.  Isn´t it great to have couples deciding to be united in Jesus before they are united in matrimony?  How blessed their married life is going to be!  Alisson also baptized two other young ladies that are in the theology class.  Their names are Elaine and Gabriela. 

Vitor was also baptized in recent days.  In December of 2012, I taught a five-week class for pre-teens and young teenagers at the church.  They were asking questions about baptism so I taught the class for them and invited the parents as well.  Vitor was the fifth to be baptized from this group.

Teresa is in her 50’s and was converted to a denomination twenty years ago.  Now she understands more fully what to do to be saved.  Although she had slipped away for many years, she recently had contact with members of the church and attended with them.  After further study, she was baptized.

Since the first of 2013, we have baptized thirty-two souls into His church, twenty-seven at Guanabara, four at Campo Grande, and one in Cosmopolis.  The courses in theology are responsible for most of these.

Note from Stafford North:  Some people are more attracted to a “theology” class than to a “Bible” class.  In some situations, advertising the theology class may be a good strategy.  That surely has worked in Campinas, Brazil, where Allen Dutton works.  If you are interested in knowing more about this, contact Allen at

Posted on October 18th, 2013

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