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Monday Night For the Master: Involving More in Good Works

Monday night for the master Gary Bodine, currently the minister at the Wellington Church of Christ in Wellington, Kansas, has developed a plan for involving more members in getting many good things done.  He calls the plan “Monday Night for the Master,” and it is in use in scores of churches around the nation.

The program is built on the assumption that many members would be willing to spend one night a week doing something for the Lord if (1) they were asked to do things within their capacity and (2) the work was easy because others had made the preparations for their work. Some members come every Monday night and others less frequently, but the program is designed so that whoever comes, they always have good things to do.

The plan at Wellington works like this.  Cooks come in the afternoon to prepare the hot meal which starts at 6:00 p.m.  About 6:40 p.m., the group gathers for a devotional and instruction period.  Those present then choose from four different types of activities. 

The first type of work is visitation.  Teams go to see those who are recent visitors to church services, prospective members who have shown an interest in the church, new members to the congregation, newcomers to town, delinquents, shut-ins, the elderly, the recently bereaved, and others who may need a visit.  Each team typically makes two or three visits during the evening.  The person coordinating this aspect of the program has prepared information cards about the visits to be made so that those doing the visiting may select those they particularly want to see from the possibilities available.

A second type of work is writing encouragement cards both to members and non-members.  The list might include the congregation’s missionaries, …


Posted on January 20th, 2010 in Follow-up Activities

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