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Inner-City Works Reach Many

Among churches of Christ, many inner-city works have developed over the past few years, in Houston, Ft. Worth, Portland, Little Rock, Tulsa, Nashville, and St. Louis, just to name a few. The same has been true in Oklahoma City and their story illustrates how these works can help those in need, can provide an opportunity for many Christians to use their talents, and can reach many for Christ.

In the fall of 1998, a group of students from Oklahoma Christian University began a program to help underprivileged children in Oklahoma City’s inner-city by tutoring, teaching Bible classes, and providing other services. They worked with the Central Church of Christ, located in that area of the city. Over time, the work outgrew the Central facility, and moved to its own location in a rented house in the area. By this time, since many of the students and adults involved attended the Memorial Road Church of Christ, that congregation had begun to oversee their efforts.

When the workers learned that the house location was no longer going to be available, the church, through the help of some interested individuals, was able to purchase a funeral home which had recently closed. This facility offered an auditorium, rooms for classes, offices, parking, and storage for benevolent work. So, beginning in the summer of 2002, the work moved to the new location.

As the programs in tutoring, Bible classes, and benevolence grew, the Memorial Road congregation saw the opportunity also to provide Sunday worship services. This step began a new congregation, the Capitol Hill Church of Christ, named for its area of the city. In order to allow workers to attend their home congregations on Sunday mornings, services at Capitol Hill were set on Sunday at 4 p.m. About …


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Enjoying the Favor of All the People

Soon after the church began on the day of Pentecost, Luke records that the church was “enjoying the favor of all the people” (Acts 2:47).  That did not mean that everybody agreed with them or that all had become Christians.  It did mean, however, that because of the way the Christians were caring for each other and banding together for worship and fellowship, the people thought well of them.

Each congregation today should seek to be “held in favor” by the people of their community.  We will have a much better response to our invitations to church and to our requests to start Bible studies if we begin from a base of good favor with the people.

What does it take today to be held in high esteem by our local communities?  Let me mention three areas to consider:  our buildings, our service to community needs, and our warm fellowship with each other.  Outsiders “read” our buildings to learn about us.  Here is a quick check list:  Is your lawn well kept with attractive plants and flowers?  (Would a real estate agent consider your building a selling point in the community?) Is your sign clean, up-to-date, and inviting?  (A missing letter on a sign sends the message that you don’t do things well.)  As people enter your building, are greeters at the door and are the floors, walls, ceiling, and bulletin boards in good condition?  Is your nursery clean and well attended?  (This is one of the most important things visitors look for).  Is the front of your auditorium attractive but not distracting?  Make your building’s appearance a plus for winning favor from the people.

Now, service to needs in our community.  One day a young lady knocked on the door of a church building and asked, “Isn’t this the …


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