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“Fifth Wheel Ministry” Helps Churches

To help small churches grow, there is a “tool” some are beginning to use called the “Fifth-wheel Ministry. ” This concept started many years ago with the “Sojourners” many years ago. Since the seed was planted in 1978, these helpful retirees have been descending on small communities in their trailers to stay for a time, knocking doors, evangelizing through gospel meetings, or doing “fix-up” work. After a time, they move on to other churches. (See:

David and Donna Lusk were retiring from the local work in Mesa, AZ. They had invested in a fifth-wheel earlier, so they decided to try a twist on the sojourning work. They would take their trailer, go to small, struggling churches, and work to build them up. David commented, “When these churches grew to where they could afford good preaching, we would go on to another place.” David is a 1966 graduate of Oklahoma Christian and, in 1994, earned his Masters in “Ministry” from this same institution.

To start their work, they moved to a small church in Union Valley, Texas, on the growth
plane of the Dallas Metroplex. The 2000 new homes expected in the area held a great promise for Bible studies with the lost, as well as membership growth. The Lusks parked their “fifth wheel” on the church parking lot, “Way out in the country,” as they called it. The brethren paid their water and electricity along with a small stipend. Social Security took care of the rest.

That first work began with 35 in attendance, and had grown to 110 by the time the recession hit. The little church sponsored “Bring your Neighbor Day,” a weekly visitor’s luncheon, and “small groups” for evening worship.

Due to loss of jobs in the area, the growth has been hindered, but not …


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Ladies Night Out is Fun with a Purpose

The Clearwater Church of Christ in Clearwater, Kansas, has developed an annual occasion they call “Ladies Night Out.”  Minister Wayland Whitlow calls this a “light-hearted, up-lifting program.” 

The purpose of the occasion is to give ladies in this city of about 2,000 an opportunity to share a nice evening of fellowship and fun.  Women in the church use this program as an excellent opportunity to invite their friends to an event at the church building and those planning it are sure the occasion leaves a good impression on those who come.  In addition to personal invitations, the church also advertises the program through their local TV channel.

Women in the church plan the program which includes a twenty-minute speech on an encouraging and helpful topic along with a singing group which presents religious music.  Women of the congregation provide the “salad supper,” and the event is held in the fellowship hall at the church building which the ladies “lavishly decorate.”

The program, now in its seventh year, is scheduled for the first Thursday of each October and is so popular in the community that others avoid conflicts with it.  In October 2009, the congregation of about eighty had a hundred thirty-five women at the event, about half of whom were visitors from outside the church.  They get information from all who come so they can invite them the following year. 

Through this program, women in the church make a positive contact with friends and with careful follow-up, such contacts can provide other opportunities for outreach.
For more information on a Ladies Night Out Program, contact Wayland Whitlow in Clearwater, KS. Phone: 620-584-6301, Email:, or write at P.O. BOX 458, Clearwater, KS 67026

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“Friend’s Day” More Than Doubles Attendance

Over twenty-five years ago, the Church of Christ in Tecumseh, Oklahoma, began having a “Friend’s Day.”  Through hard and consistent efforts over the years, this church of about 300 has an attendance on that day of about 750.  In fact, to accommodate the numbers, they have to conduct two morning services.  For consistency, the event is always the second Sunday after Easter.  In addition to the two services that day, the church has a “pot-luck lunch” and, in the afternoon, offers young people a volleyball tournament on courts set up outside the building.  They have found this activity a good way to involve their youth group in inviting friends.

The congregation utilizes a host of ways to publicize the event.  They know, of course, that for members personally to invite friends is the most effective method and, to help members do that, the congregation provides brochures and business cards for members to use as they issue an invitation.

They advertise in the local media and, in addition, they mail personal invitations to visitors from the previous year and to others whose names the congregation submits.  They also use “Friend’s Day” as an occasion to reach out to former members who no longer attend.  They even have t-shirts which members can purchase and wear to publicize the event.

By collecting information from those who attend, the church is able to make a list of visitors for follow-up purposes.  They send a letter to all who came and, in addition, make a personal visit asking how they can be of further service.  This list, of course, also provides a starting point for building attendance the following year. 

By having “Friend’s Day” at the same time every year, the community of six thousand becomes well acquainted with the annual event and members …


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