What is "Good News?"

Oklahoma Christian University has long sought to provide services to churches and to individual Christians that would advance the cause of Christ. Having been begun in 1950 primarily to serve congregations and families in churches of Christ, the University has, of course, focused on trained young people from Christian families. We have, however, also provided services to churches: lectureships, summer camps, seminars, publications, teaching materials, and more.

Last summer, Oklahoma Christian began asking what we could do at this particular point in time that would increase the range of services we were providing to churches and individual Christians. We gathered a committee of preachers and elders to help us answer this question. One of their suggestions was that we could help churches learn about good things other churches were doing. By spreading this good news, members of the church could benefit in two ways: (1) they would be encouraged to see what others are doing, and (2) by knowing what others are doing, they could find activities and programs to try themselves. The Christian Chronicle often has good stories about what churches are doing, but their focus is usually on the larger picture. The Chronicle is offering complimentary subscriptions by emailing Lynda Sheehan or by calling her at 405-425-5070.

So, with this website, we are starting to share encouraging things happening in our brotherhood. Most of our stories will be about what churches have done that others can consider doing in their own locality. We will occasionally also tell stories of what our students at Oklahoma Christian are doing that will encourage you about the on-coming generation.

Please note that we want you to send us information from your own congregation about interesting and beneficial things you are doing. In order to publish this newsletter regularly, we will need to hear from many of you so we will have lots of good news to share.

Here are ways you can help us in this project.

  • Send us stories of what you are doing that would benefit others. You will encourage your congregation by sharing the good things they are doing, and you can help others learn what they could do from your experience. You can send in stories by emailing Stafford North.
  • Send us the email address of others whom you would like to receive this newsletter. Share with us the emails of your elders and preachers and other leaders. If we already have them on the list, we can eliminate the duplication. We would be glad to have your church directory, especially if it has email addresses. Send directories to the address below or email addresses to occr@oc.edu.
  • When you see a story in Good News that tells of something you or your congregation might try, be sure to bring it up with your elders or others in the congregation that might help get it started and don’t give up easily. Each story has contact information so you can get in touch with a person who knows about that program.
  • Comment on the articles we are publishing by using the space at the end of the story. While we will screen these to be sure that nothing inappropriate gets posted, we encourage you to tell of something similar you have done or a way in which that story will help you.
  • Pray about the work of the church in these times when lots of pressures are working against the kingdom of God, and pray for our work here at Oklahoma Christian University.
We look forward to sharing this space with you regularly and hope Good News will be a blessing to you and your congregation.