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Financial Services
Oklahoma Christian University
Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Scholarships offered by Women Pursuing Transportation

Applications are available in the Student Financial Services for scholarships provided by Women Pursuing Transportation.

Past applicants have had backgrounds in civil, mechanical, aerospace, electrical, and environmental engineering, as well as urban planning, public policy, public safety, and emergency response.

The three scholarships are as follows:
•      Wanda J. Schafer Graduate Scholarship, established in 2002 in honor of the first chapter president of the Dallas/Fort Worth chapter, is designed to encourage women to pursue career paths in transportation. This is a $1,500 scholarship awarded to a student pursuing graduate studies in transportation or a related field.
•      Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter WTS Undergraduate Scholarship, is designed to foster the development of women in the transportation field by encouraging bright new professionals to undertake careers in transportation. This award is for $1,000.
•      Monique Pegues Undergraduate Leadership Scholarship, named in memory of a past president of the Dallas/Fort Worth chapter to motivate and reward women who demonstrate leadership in the transportation industry. This is a $1,000 scholarship.

Please contact Carolyn Allen at carolyn.allen@oc.edu if you are interested.

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